10 key qualities to look for in an agent

When it comes the time to choose an agent to appoint to sell your home, here are 10 key qualities to look for in an agent.

1. Good agents can give you a realistic guide to what you can expect for your property. You probably have a sales figure in mind; however, your agent should honestly inform you how realistic this figure might be. This is based on market conditions and local supply and demand.

2. The agent you choose should have excellent advice regarding how best to promote your property for sale. Their knowledge of local communication channels and how to obtain the greatest coverage for your property should be unparalleled in the area.

3. Your agent should be able to present your property in the best possible light to potential buyers and also be able to advise you on the best presentation techniques.

4. The agent should have excellent negotiating skills as a basic pre-requisite.

5. Never forget that the agent always works for you as the seller – our aim is to get you the outcomes you desire. 

6. Also, a good agent will advise you what to do, rather than tell you what to do.

7. Keep the attributes of reputation, experience and specialisation at the forefront when considering your agent options.

8. Part-time agents tend to not be a good option. Full-time agents will always be more attentive.

9. A good agent always has the highest ethical standards.

10. A good agent will assist with contract exchange and will guide you to work alongside a reputable conveyancer/solicitor regarding any potential legal complications.