3 Reasons To Update Home Electricals

If you are planning a home makeover or are considering purchasing a property to renovate then you may consider the setup of the electricals. Generally, with any reno we think about the style of the kitchen, bathroom or living areas. But do we ever consider the electricals that run the appliances and systems within the home?

As technology improves so does efficiency. This gives more options and choices when building or renovating a home. The benefits can save energy and cut your electricity bill. Also, the safety of your home can be updated effectively.

We have listed 3 simple fixes and ideas that can help with the electricals in your home.

1. Saving Energy

Do you know the amount of energy appliances are using in your home? There are devices and Apps in the marketplace that help you track and control your appliances. Ergon and Clipsal are 2 such companies that produce these systems. The Ergon Home Energy Management is a marriage of hardware and software that lets you monitor your appliance usage form a mobile phone app or website.

You can also utilise the “Set and Forget” feature. This can manage solar power, pool filtration, air conditioning, hot water systems, electric vehicles so that they use electricity at its cheapest rate. There are “Time of Use and Demand Tariffs” available that can take advantage of the differences in pricing to use grid-supplied energy when it will cost you less. Add solar power and you have another ‘free’ source of energy to add to the mix.

2. Smarter Homes

smarter homes electrical tips

The concept of a “smart home” is steadily becoming a norm in daily living with the market introduction of smart plugs that can connect internet-enabled home appliances and gadgets alike.

Once the devices are connected through a frequency operating under your home broadband Wi-Fi, the homeowner can remotely access and operate these internet-connected devices even when the person is away from the house.

Automation is not only gearing up smart homes for convenience but also towards a model of energy efficiency through automated monitoring embedded into new sources such as the existing home battery and solar batteries.

3. Safety

Engage the services of a qualified electrician and get them to make sure all your electricals meet the Government standards. Ask the electrician what are the best protection methods in preventing electrical faults that could cause fires or other issues. The response will probably be installing circuit breakers and surge protection devices which can prevent damage to your electronic devices in the event of a lightning strike or other power surge. Make sure the dates of your smoke alarms are still current as they have to be replaced every 10 years.

These are 3 tips that you can add to your to-do list. They will help you save energy, money and increase your home safety.