Swimming pool

5 features that won’t add value when preparing for sale.

With Spring around the corner and the beautiful sunshine increasing daily, it’s time for us to dust ourselves off from Winter, put the woolly clothes away and start paying more attention to our neglected gardens and homes.

You may even consider it time to think about selling. Before you do, please consider the below tips that will help you stay away from the pitfalls of renovating. As realestate.com.au suggests, your renovations should turn over $3 for every $1 you spend to ensure it is giving you a good return on your investment.

Swimming Pools

  • Can be a very large investment with very little return.
  • Potential buyers can view swimming pools as a “hassle”, “dangerous” and/or “expensive to maintain”

Extravagant fittings and fixtures

  • Remember, fixtures and fittings are of personal taste, what you might like, others may not.
  • Expensive fixtures and fittings rarely give you return on investment.

If you can’t see it, it’s unlikely to boost your return

  • Remember adding something like airconditioning can boost a property’s marketability however, not necessarily add extra dollar value.
  • Wall and ceiling insulation, although great for your long term home, would not be an ideal choice for a short term sell

Fancy Landscaping or no landscaping

  • The key is to find a balance.
  • Lawns should be simple to maintain.
  • Gardens should have an overall makeover prior to the open.

Sub-par DIY work

  • Dodgy tiling and painting is easy to spot at home inspections and does not work in your favour.
  • Half-finished jobs devalue a house – it would be worthwhile bringing in an expert to finish off.
  • By law, electrical and plumbing work must have the correct sign off.