5 Reasons Why Property Styling is a Must

Why using a property stylist will increase the value of your home

Selling a home is hard – but let’s be honest, can you really afford not to do everything you can to present your home in the best possible light in this competitive market.  

Finding the right agent, having beautiful photography and of course presenting your property in its best light, are key ingredients to achieving the ultimate goal – which of course is maximising the price you can get for your asset! 

There is no doubt that properties need to present beautifully in print, online and design. Ticking these boxes will achieve the best price in the shortest possible time when potential buyers go through the property.

Keeki property styling understands the importance of making a good first impression on prospective buyers. But for those of you still in doubt, here are 5 really good reasons to make sure your property is styled.
5 reasons to use a home stylist
Maximise the selling price – 

Never underestimate the power of property styling.  Setting up your home in its best light is the strongest and most effective way to entice a buyer into first of all viewing your property and then, of course, committing to an offer.  

The way your property is presented encourages the emotions of your buyer and a professional, experienced property stylist will make this happen.  Your stylist should have experience in your market and an understanding of the real estate requirements. They will consider the perfect furniture, the right placement, the perfect artwork and accessories to showcase your home perfectly, showing the true potential of your home.  

Entice the maximum number of buyers to your property

We often hear that the perfect agent with the perfect property is enough to get the buyers to your home when selling. The reality is that there is only one thing that is going to get your buyers through the door and that’s your online photos. 

Does your property stand out from your competitors, does it scream come and visit me, you are going to love me! It’s amazing what an experienced stylist can do with space. You may love your oversized, comfy brown couch but an on-trend neutral-toned sofa setting could allow your buyer to see the space in its best light and functionality. Artwork, furniture and homewares add texture and the wow factor that appeals to buyers. 

Vendors unfamiliar with the success of property styling run the risk of undermining their sale price. A property with the wrong furniture can look small. Even an amazing architectural superior property will not be showcased in its best light without the right furniture and accessories. 

Buyers need to see functional spaces, they need to know a sofa and their TV are going to fit and how to eradicate the guesswork for them. They shouldn’t have a guess if their king bed will fit. 

5 reasons for using home styling

Keep your property listing fresh and current 

Styling your home for sale at the beginning of a campaign is the best way to ensure a successful sale.  

A property that sits on the market will result in a lower selling price and a reduction in genuine buyers. Your buyers will know how long a property is on the market and will remember how it was first presented.

Don’t wait until your property does not sell before you realise the importance of styling your property. A professional property stylist can set the right impression in your buyer’s mind from the very beginning of your sale campaign.

Recognise the potential of your property

I can’t tell you how many times we have had to ‘encourage’ an agent and our vendors to set up a room in a specific way. There are many advantages of working with a property stylist – they see the property to its best advantage. They know the real estate market and the demographics you are marketing to. Our stylists can advise showcasing your property in the best light because many buyers are unable to visualise its full worth or see past what’s there. Sometimes changing a room to an extra bedroom, or second living space can add up to $60k onto the price of your property or even be the deal breaker. 

A stylist can transform your junk room into an extra bedroom. Property styling is a guaranteed way to ensure you are presenting your home to the market to its full potential and maximising the aesthetic appeal. Keeki has proven results that fetch in excess of up to 10 times the cost of the styling investment. 

Home styling

Take the stress out of Selling

Along with your agent, your property stylist is completely invested in making sure that you achieve the best possible results for the sale of your property. Achieving the highest sale price and selling in the quickest time is always at the forefront of our styling.   

Property styling will take the stress out of setting up your home for sale. Let’s be honest, knowing the colours to use, what to keep in the home and what to move to storage can be overwhelming. Your stylist will assist with helpful advice on what needs to be done before your buyers are presented with your property. They will understand spatial planning and elevate interest through quality furniture and homewares that suits your home. A vendor does not need this added stress with everything else that comes with selling a home.

To find out more click on the link and go to the knowledge base of Keeki property styling as they understand what it takes to sell a home and sell it fast.