6 Ways to Personalise Your Rented Home

Living in a rental can be frustrating for those who love adding a personal touch to their home. During those early years saving up for that first home, it can seem like your living space just never feels like your own.

But, while paint and renovation is out of the question in most rental properties, it’s still possible to customise your space without firing up the landlord.

It can always be a good thing to ask your landlord about changes. Most of the time, a new, bold paint job or breaking down the walls will be a fast no. But if you feel like your suggestion may add value to the property, you might just get a yes. For everything else, here are our tips for customising your space with a strict property manager.


You can’t always get that paint job with your rental, but you can add some extra colour to the walls. Artwork, mirrors and even giant wall stickers and prints can be temporary décor while you’re living there. Just make sure you check with your landlord if you need to add hooks or anything that could be tough to remove.

Go green

Indoor plants have become widely popular among renters and young people. With the huge variety available, you can fill nearly every room of your home with beautiful plants, turning your dull space into a tropical getaway. Add plants that don’t require much upkeep and store them in stylish baskets and pots.


If you aren’t a fan of that ancient carpeting that is a feature in your rental, just cover it up! Get a wide-length neutral coloured rug to cover up that old, outdated flooring.

Change those little things

Take a look at the little details you don’t love, and see if you can change them. If you aren’t a fan of the lampshade, switch it over and put it back when you leave. Not into the warm tones of the living room lights? Take them out and replace them with cool bulbs!

Work with the colours

If your kitchen comes with some pretty bold colours, work with it! Create a colour block look and rock funky furniture and crockery that makes that coloured shelfing intentional.

Dress your windows

Remove those dull, generic blinds and replace them with something a little more to your taste. If curtains have bars already installed, you can put the old curtains away and put something that suits your aesthetic a little more.