Auction Wrap for the week ending 19th July 2020

It’s Week 29 of the year and Victoria continues to buck the Trends and Predictions based on Week 2 of Stage 3 restrictions VIC recorded almost 1,400 Transactions which was the 6th best week in 2020, it was also our highest Transactional week since mid-March. Nationally, we had over 5,000 transactions, which is the 2nd highest amount in 17 weeks. These high levels of Sales Transaction Numbers are equal to the period prior to COVID. The trend lines, both for Vic & Nationally, continue to move upwards. We’ve been having outstanding results with our OBrien Auctions with 7 out of 9 Sold last week a 78% clearance ($6mill of Total Sales), utilising OBrien Auction Live TV.

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