Reasons to sell this Winter

Save on marketing costs when you list your property with us between 9 May and 31 July, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Vendors

Q. What are the costs involved? You say there’s a special rate for marketing, but what does that actually translate to in dollar amounts?

A. The special rate for our comprehensive marketing package will vary based on your location, but I can assure you that it’s competitively priced. We have negotiated special “once – off” rates with our key suppliers to ensure we are most competitive. I can provide a detailed breakdown during our next meeting.

Q. When do I have to launch online to take advantage of the marketing discounts?

A. Properties launched online between 9 May and 31 July 2024, can take advantage of the marketing discounts.

Q. How do you define ‘active buyers’? You mentioned having details of active buyers; how are these individuals qualified? Have they been pre-approved for a mortgage, or are they simply browsing?

A. Active buyers outside of our database are individuals who have shown a sustained interest in property purchases, often backed by mortgage pre-approval. They are most often beyond the casual browsing stage and will be enquiring specifically on your property due to our Sell in Winter and Beat the Spring Rush activation. We will put these buyers into competition with our already qualified database.

Q. What is the market doing right now?

A. The market is quite robust at the moment. In February and March this year, the auction clearance rate has not dropped below 76% (*1). Listings are also up 8.7% on the same time last year and vendor discounting is down from 4.3% in February 2023 to 3.8% in February 2024. (*2)

Q. Why should I rush to beat Spring? What’s the advantage of pushing for a Winter sale instead of waiting for potentially a bigger pool of buyers in Spring?

A. Spring is a good time to list and sell your home because the weather is warmer, and your garden is likely looking its best. This Winter the market is warming up earlier than normal and buyers are showing a tendency to get a deal done. By listing your property early, you reduce the amount of competition for buyers compared to listing against the swam of properties that will begin to come into the market in August.

Q. What if the property doesn’t sell in Winter? What’s the contingency plan, and what will it cost me?

A. In the unlikely event that your property doesn’t sell, we have a contingency plan that involves re-evaluating the pricing strategy and potentially expanding the marketing campaign. Our success rate is high, and we are confident of a great outcome for you.

Q. How will you ensure my property stands out? With a company-wide launch, how can I be sure that my property will get the individual attention it deserves?

A. Even though we’re doing a company-wide activation, each property benefits from an individualised marketing plan to ensure it captures its unique selling points. And because each of our team members will view your property, they will have intimate knowledge of your property to ensure we find the right buyers for you.

Q. How are you adapting to current market trends? Given that the real estate landscape can change rapidly, how does your strategy adapt to market shifts?

A. Our strategies are data-driven and adapt in real time to market conditions. We work very closely with our data, marketing and sales team to ensure our campaigns are optimised for market conditions.

Q. Can you guarantee a sale? No one can predict the future, but what assurances can you give that this strategy will work?

A. While no one can guarantee a sale, our track record and strategic approach maximise your chances of a successful, premium sales outcome. This is a proven strategy that has yielded great outcomes. We will ensure you will be very pleased with the outcome.

*1 Source: REIV, April 2024
*2 Source: SQM Research, April 2024