A Beginner’s Guide to Feng Shui in the House

Feng shui refers to the Chinese system of creating a harmonizing environment, thus harmony in us, through balancing the 5 elements, as well as making particular choices in architectural and interior design. Feng shui is the perfect philosophy for those who tend to be more relaxed when their space is balanced and spacious, but for those who aren’t quite sure where to begin, here are the 4 parts of your house that deserve the most attention.

Door flow

  • The energy flowing through your door should be strong and clear. Your door should not be blocked by clutter, certain clunky features or mess that isn’t necessary.
  • The front door is where energy is received, so your main entry should be welcoming and open, and lead energy throughout the rest of the house.
  • Remove all clutter from your front door, or if you feel your entry is in an awkward place, try to direct its energy to a welcoming table or indoor plant.

The bedroom

  • Your bedroom should be inviting and calming, so keep things even, have your bed approachable from both sides and avoid a bed directly in line with your door.
  • Harmony is ruined when TVs, computers or other equipment is in there. These gadgets bring high EMFs and invite the stress of distraction and work life into your calming place of sleep.
  • Ensure crisp, fresh air is flowing through your bedroom. This can be achieved by ensuring you open windows to let fresh air in or use an air purifier. Diffusers and essential oils can also be great.

The kitchen

  • In Feng shui, the kitchen is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, promoting nourishing and positive energy in your home.
  • Keep things airy and spacious, ensure proper lighting and try to avoid too much clutter of gadgets (keep your blenders, toasters and other bits in the cupboards).
  • Freshness can be further enhanced with a beautiful vase of flowers, an enticing fruit bowl or an indoor plant on the table. This is where you nourish your body, so ensure the environment reflects that.

The bathroom

  • Combine elements other than water (fire, earth, wood, metal) to balance out excess of this element in the bathroom. Candles are a great start for incorporating fire, or add earth elements like pottery, stones and sandy coloured bathmats or rugs to even things out.
  • Scents are very important for creating a calming space, which includes proper ventilation and soothing essential oils. Essentially, try creating a luxury, spa feel to your bathroom!