The benefits of Bayside Living in Melbourne.

Bayside is often touted as one of the most liveable cities in the Melbourne area, and with good reason. Located in the southern suburbs of Melbourne, Bayside is an incredibly well connected suburb to the capital. Life on the outskirts has a host of benefits, from lower real estate prices to a more affluent and community-driven area. With that said, Bayside itself is large enough for you to comfortably enjoy and never leave. With a population just shy of 100,000, Bayside’s neighbourhoods have a rich culture that is equal parts extensive, eclectic and inviting.


Brighton is a decadent, luxurious neighbourhood that oozes class. It is home to many local celebrities and bigwigs from Melbourne, and the jaw-dropping properties reflect this. There is a Victorian and Edwardian twist to a lot of the properties in Brighton, creating an air of sophistication as you stroll through the neighbourhood. If mansions aren’t your thing, you can enjoy the six kilometres of sandy beaches and gorgeous seascapes that Brighton enjoys.

Properties in Brighton are highly sought after for the allure and affluence of such a nice neighbourhood. As such, prices are steep – average property values are currently sitting close to $2.6 million for a house at the moment.


Another neighbourhood on the coast is Sandringham, a desirable suburb that is perfect for families and people looking to settle down. With close to a quarter of Sandringham dedicated to parks and green space, it is ideal for outdoors enthusiasts and people looking to stay in shape. With a mixture of Edwardian and Art Deco architecture, the properties in Sandringham are beautiful and highly sought after.

Compared to Brighton, Sandringham is much more affordable. Average prices for a home are just above half of what you would pay in Brighton – $1.73 million for a house.


Mentone is one of Bayside’s larger neighbourhoods, which has made it a rich and diverse area. Leisure activities are prevalent in Mentone thanks to a beachside lifestyle, making for a well-connected community. If shopping is your thing, the sheer number of retail strips in Mentone will make you consider moving there.

With median house prices sitting at around $1.31m for a property, Mentone is arguably the most affordable area in Bayside. The home designs are diverse in style – from Victorian to contemporary architecture – catering to a wide variety of tastes, wants and needs.

The Benefits Of Bayside

Featuring 17 kilometres of glorious beachfront, incredible culture, great schools and lots of land for expansion, Bayside has a little bit of something for everyone. The larger suburbs have their own flavour, price point and style – it is just a matter of knowing which one would suit you best.

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