Sell your home after Christmas

Benefits to Selling Your Home After Christmas

Sometimes for whatever reasons homeowners may have to sell their home after the Xmas period. Or, maybe there are some advantages to sell your property after the Christmas break and into the new year.

There can be a few obstacles if you are trying to sell your home during this time. The number one reason is that most real estate agencies close their doors to sales and take a holiday. And, the majority of people like to wind down and enjoy this time with family and friends and not think about things too much.

On the flip side, there can some good reasons to sell over this time.

What you need to do is play to the positives.

Sell your home after Christmas

Potential Buyers have more free time

The Christmas period means there are more people having a break. This means they are more in control of how they spend their time off. Plus their attitude is generally more positive as they are free for the pressures of the work environment.

When people are relaxed and feel good about life they are usually more open to negotiation. This means the transaction can be much smoother. The buyer may well want to start the new year with everything in order.

Spring is Over

There will be a lot of potential buyers who missed out on purchasing a property during the spring period. They could be motivated to finding a new home rather than renting. Also, there will be buyers who have just sold their home and are looking for a new property.

Not as much competition

As we all know there is no shortage of buyers competing for the same piece of land during autumn and spring. In the mindset of most buyers, Christmas and New Year is seen as a time when the real estate industry winds down. This doesn’t mean buyers aren’t still out there. It means that their choice of available properties has been significantly reduced. This can be positive because if you have potential buyers during this time as it could mean they are motivated.

Auction or Private Treaty

Generally, there are not many auctions over Christmas and into the new year. An auction can be an intimidating and stressful event. It could be said that when buyers are on their break they want to negotiate on their time. They want to set up the meeting and inspection time and don’t want to feel rushed.

The Christmas appeal

A typical family will have their home decorated with all the Christmas trappings. There is always a good feeling when you enter a home and see the Christmas lights and presents at the foot of the tree. You can’t help but feel good about this environment.


A lot of renters will be looking at their lease and its expiry during this time. They will be deciding whether to extend their lease or move on. Presenting a house sale to them is another option open to sellers.

Just remember the buyers are there. All they need is inventory to look at.