Bathroom Space Saver Ideas

Tips to maximise the space in your bathroom

The majority of new homes generally have a second bathroom. The main bathroom that is usually attached to the main bedroom is what is called an ensuite. The ensuite is usually spacious enough to accommodate two people. However, the second bathroom is usually a bit tighter for space. So, how can we maximise the space in which we have for the bathroom?

The first thing you should do is paint the bathroom in the right colour. Colour has the power to create a believable illusion. The right colour or colour combination can make even the smallest space seem large, airy, and inviting. By pairing enhancing hues with contrasting colours or accent walls, you can easily make your small room seem spacious. The best colour to create this illusion of space is white. If you need a little colour variation you could opt for shades of citrus, pastels or light blues that offer the ocean feel.Bathroom space savers

The more light that enters a space the more it illuminates the area and expands your outlook. The main source of light generally enters the space through the windows. However, you can also direct more light into the bathroom with a “sun tunnel“. These sun tunnels will add more natural light to your bathroom. They are fitted through the roof to the ceiling.

There are so many space-saving ideas when it comes to storage. There are simple options available to you that you may never have thought of.

  • Use the back of the bathroom door to hang your towels
  • If there is space above the door then create a shelf for storage
  • Use tension rods in the basin cupboard and hang cleaning products
  • If you have a shower screen then purchase clips to hang your hair and body products from
  • Over the toilet, standing rack to hold magazines, toilet paper, bathroom products
  • All walls have studs. You can cut in between this space to create shelves (make sure there are no electrical cables)

The ideas for saving space are endless. Here is an article on 25 space saving ideas.


As mentioned shelving can be created over the toilet or the basin. You can use tall thin shelving units in the corners or against the walls. Or, you can add small hanging or attached shelving units that expose the contents.

There are unlimited ideas to improve the space in your bathroom and to give the impression to the bathroom’s size.

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