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The Cause

The Oli E Foundation was established in 2009 with the aim to support a young eight year old girl, Olivia Evans, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. There was an identified need to assist Olivia, and her family, in taking up the fight in treating her debilitating condition.

There is no pre birth testing for Cerebral Palsy, and as yet, there is no cure. Cerebral Palsy is a lifelong condition.

We believe that having a child with special needs places families under enough stress, let alone the associated financial burden that accompanies treating such conditions.

Figures show that there are a large percentage of marriages and relationships that fall apart due to dealing with the constant care of a child with special needs; primarily due to mounting financial pressures. Most families with special needs children are living on single and low income wages.

To provide the ability to cover these ongoing expenses, including gap payments, is an important area that can alleviate financial strain.

Once these expenses and gap payments are covered, it allows the family outfit to move forward, without the stress and worry of the finances, and to concentrate on providing the child with the appropriate care for the disability. Failure to do so ultimately impedes and compromises the provision of treatment and care for the child.