The Most Convenient Yet Affordable Suburbs in Melbourne

If you’re not located in the inner city, not living near a train station can add a significant amount of time to your commute. Unless you’re within walking distance of your closest train station, you may be forced to rely on a connecting bus service, or a short drive which ends with the stressful process of trying to find limited parking at the station. However, for obvious reasons properties that are located close to train stations have a tendency to be quite pricey, and are often in extremely high demand. Many people are willing to put up with the sound of trains barrelling by and busy local foot traffic from those that have just disembarked at all hours of the night in order to live conveniently close to a train station.

However, if you really wish to live close to a train station, there are still a few affordable options that won’t break the bank and fall below the median house price in Melbourne ($826,000)– if you know where to look. Read on to find out where the hidden treasures along Melbourne’s metropolitan railway lines lay…


For those that are looking for affordable properties near a train station that is not too far from the city, Reservoir is a formidable choice. At 10 kilometres north of the CBD, it is just as close as some popular suburbs in Melbourne’s southeast such as Camberwell and Brighton. Those median house prices of the two suburbs weigh in at an average of $2,295,000 and $2,906,000 respectively, whereas Reservoir comes in at $555,000.


At 35 kilometres away from the CBD, Melton is located firmly in the outer regions of Melbourne. But for those that live close to the local railway station, the CBD is less than 40 minutes away by train. With median house prices in the area at $280,000, now is a fantastic time to buy into a suburb that has been designated as one of the fastest growing areas in Victoria in recent years.


At more than $821,000, the median house price for Footscray squeaks in just below the median house in Melbourne. But for those looking for affordable property in an area that is well-connected and close to the CBD, there is simply no better choice. The suburb is serviced by railway, trams and buses, and is one of the most diverse areas in Melbourne — meaning that there are always plenty of delicious establishments to explore.