Methods to selling your property

Different Methods of a Property Sale

When selling your home there are different methods you can choose from depending on your circumstances or preference.

  1. Off Market – This is a 21-day process to either sell your home or gain valuable market feedback to better prepare your home for the open market. It means your property does appear online exclusively with Our agents will contact their most engaged buyers on their extensive database to bring highly targeted ready buyers to your home.
  2. Private Sale – A private sale is where the vendor either sets a firm asking price or sets a price with a negotiable range. This campaign can run for more than four weeks depending on when an offer comes through.
  3. Auction – We run a four-week campaign with multiple open homes to attract potential buyers and we have a live auction at the end of the campaign where the buyers bid for your property. This adds a competitive atmosphere in the crowd to try and reach the maximum price for your home.
  4. Closing Date Sale – A property advertised as a “closing date sale”, means the property is being sold by tender process. Interested buyers in the property submit a written offer to the selling agent before the closing date specified.