What to Expect when Buying in the Mornington Peninsula.

A Victorian favourite for that weekend escape from the city, the Mornington Peninsula boasts beautiful scenery and serenity. And, in such a beloved location, it’s no wonder many are opting to invest in a property in this region. But is investing in the Mornington Peninsula a good choice for you?

The house prices of this coastal area vary from suburb to suburb. A popular suburb such as Sorrento had, during the June quarter of 2017, a median house price of $1,430,500. Whereas Rye’s median house price during the same quarter was $612,000. There are certainly pricey suburbs, but it’s still possible to grab a quality house at a good price.

But here’s what else you can expect when moving to the Mornington Peninsula.

Natural Beauty and Great Attractions

Known for its beautiful scenery, the Mornington Peninsula may not have the same activities as city suburbs, but they are much more unique. Being close to plenty of gorgeous, isolated beaches, you have the freedom to go diving, swimming with local marine wildlife, sailing or surfing all at your leisure.

It’s also home to beloved gardens and mazes that children and adults will enjoy. The Enchanted Adventure Garden and the famous Ashcombe Maze are only a couple of the great attractions you’ll be able to visit at any time.


The Mornington Peninsula is much less populated, meaning things won’t be as congested or fast-paced as city regions. You won’t hear trains ringing in the middle of the night or angry traffic blaring past your house. The only noises you will hear will be the sounds of local fauna, and what’s more tranquil than that?

However, this can be a downside too. Lower populated means less of a need for shops and nightlife. This is why older generations and/or families usually populate these places, so if you’re younger and looking for a high-energy suburb, this region might not be your first pick.

Farms, breweries and wineries

The climate of the Mornington Peninsula gives way to a number of unique breweries, wineries and farms filled with fresh produce. The best part of visiting this region is you get free tasters whenever you like.

The city may have freakshakes, but this region has award winning beers and wine, not to mention the scenery of those beloved vineyards and farms.

So, if you’re interested in buying a property in this area, make sure you’ve got the right team helping you. Contact us at OBrien Real Estate on 1300 062 743, or find your nearest office.

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