5 ways to increase the efficiency of your garage storage system

Garages are often used as a catch-all storage area where infrequently used or awkwardly sized objects can be carelessly thrown just to get them out of the way. It’s not surprising that garages can easily become hopelessly cluttered and end up being that room in the houseguests are kept far away from at all costs!

It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right tools and a little bit of work, garages can become efficient and well-ordered. Here are 5 simple ways to bring order to a chaotic and messy garage.



  1. Make some tough decisions
    The best first step is perhaps the least fun, but it makes the world of difference. It’s time to separate useful items from the unnecessary clutter that can be thrown away.People tend to accumulate odds and ends. Whether it’s that dodgy pedestal fan that “kind of works and is good enough for guests” or a gradual accumulation of left-over IKEA pieces, it all adds up. Now is an excellent time to ask if it’s time for those things to go to trash heaven.Once the clutter is out of the way, it’s easier to sort, bringing similar objects together and thinking about storage options.

    Be ruthless!

  2. Get creative with wall storageThe next step is to take a good hard look at the walls. This is valuable real estate and getting stuff up off the floor can make a huge difference. While setting up efficient shelving for basic storage is a great start, you don’t have to stop there!There’s a huge range of options which cater to very specific storage needs. For example, baskets are an excellent way to store athletic equipment, and caddys can become home to cleaning products and chemicals; keeping them in one safe place.

    Planning is key here. It’s a good idea to spend some time figuring out what big items should go where, before jumping in and installing a generic shelving system that doesn’t quite fit.

  1. Find the right portable storage optionsOnce those big, troublesome belongings are off the floor and safely stashed away with wall storage, it’s easier to make some smart decisions about using cabinets and tool chests. The game-changer here is that many of these either come with wheels or can be easily fitted with wheels using some simple DIY and castors. We’re talking portable storage right where you need it.Adding to their versatility, portable storage units come in all shapes and sizes. From a simple, three-drawer chest perfect for storing screwdrivers on a workbench, right up to a huge twelve-drawer roll-away which is great for storing bulky power tools and heavy equipment. With a bit of planning, it’s easy to get specific and find the perfect cabinet for the job.
  1. Manage those annoying ‘bits ‘n pieces’While getting the big objects sorted is a great start, there’s still the problem of those annoying things which don’t quite fit. Gardening gear is a classic example of a tough storage challenge, but there’s also those oddly shaped necessities like extension cords or, even more challenging, the jumble of screws, nails and washers left over as the ghosts of projects past.This is where wall track systems come into their own. Wall track systems are made up of an assortment of modular hooks, storage baskets and plastic containers all of which fit perfectly into a rugged PVC track system which can be affixed to any kind of wall. These systems can hold a serious amount of weight and are designed to provide versatile storage for all the stuff which doesn’t quite fit anywhere else. The days of pegboards are long gone.
  1. Adapt storage as needs changeThe number one mistake people make when setting up garage storage is that they think of it as a one-off process. Unfortunately, staying organised isn’t that easy.Pay attention to what is making a garage cluttered and respond accordingly. For example, if a jumble of sports equipment always seems to accumulate at the back door, consider setting up a caddy in that location so that it’s no extra work to store it neatly! If a pile of often-used tools always seems to accumulate on the workbench, place a toolbox right there and eliminate clutter at the source.

This article was proudly contributed by Gladiator Garageworks. With the right equipment and a ruthless approach to getting rid of all that accumulated junk, a garage doesn’t need to be that guilty (and messy) little secret.

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5 Easy Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Home

Most homes are bought with investment and a future sale in mind. The trick to getting the most from your property purchase is to maximize the value of your property while you’re still the resident. There are several important steps you can take to improve your home, boosting its value and guaranteeing a big profit when the time eventually comes to sell. Follow these tips and watch the value of your home skyrocket.

  1. Work on the landscaping. Many homeowners take on expensive home improvement products to improve the value of their property while neglecting one of the most important spaces of all – their garden. Beautiful landscaping and an expansive yard space can make all the difference when prospective buyers come to look around, so take the time to clear weeds, plant flowers and keep trees and bushes carefully pruned.
  2. Invest in green technology. The future is green, so make sure that your home is keeping up with the times. Installing solar energy panels, green water heaters, and other energy-saving utilities to keep your property up to date with the latest in environmental technology.
  3. Enhance your curb appeal. First impressions are key when property sales are involved. Take an objective look at your home from a street view perspective, and consider what improvements could be made to boost the positive features of your property’s external appearance. A fresh coat of paint could make a major difference, while sprucing up the landscaping around your front yard or driveway might add a few figures to your asking price.
  4. Focus on the kitchen. If you only have the cash to invest in remodelling one area of your home, make it the kitchen. Kitchens are crucial to homebuyers, and an outdated, unattractive kitchen could definitely knock figures from your property value. Update the paint on your cabinets, make sure the flooring is in good condition, opt for stylish metallic finishes, or add an interesting feature like an island in the kitchen centre to add extra appeal. Unique lighting features can also make an impact, so get creative with your kitchen décor.
  5. Get an appraisal. An expert real estate agent will be able to give you useful guidance on the current value of your property, and steps you can take to improve its value before you decide to sell. Book a consultation with O’Brien Real Estate for a thorough appraisal so that you know exactly where you stand on the market. We’ll make sure you maximise your profits and get the sale you’re looking for.

Why is Ringwood on the move.

When it comes to the makings of a good community, there are a few factors to consider; affluence, amenities and community engagement are just a few of the facets that can help make a community great. Ringwood exudes many of these qualities, making it one of the most happening and thriving suburbs in all of Australia right now – and things keep getting better for it.

Nestled around 20 kilometres, east of Melbourne, Ringwood is a thriving centre in the midst of a transition into one of the largest retail and commercial centre’s in the metropolitan area. With the Yarra Valley – known for their sweeping wine vineyards and superb food – nearby, as well as a host of community-driven activities and amenities, Ringwood is an ideal locale for anyone. This post will look at what makes this suburb a fantastic area to live in, explore and experience.

Ringwood is growing
The suburb of Ringwood has been made a top priority by the Victorian Government in their blueprint for Melbourne’s growth and expansion. As a result, Ringwood as an area has been designated a Metropolitan Activity Centre, which puts it at the top of the priority list outwith the city centre.

As a result of the importance placed on the area, Ringwood is tactically placed in the centre of an incredibly well connected network of roads in and out of the suburb. This, alongside the extensive metropolitan and rail networks, makes it one of the biggest catchment locations east of Melbourne. With public and private investments flooding into the locale, employment in the area is fantastically healthy. Moreover, investors have planned ahead and created sustainable development in tandem with comprehensive transport links to make Ringwood a destination and not just a hub. With a vibrant economy, eclectic city centre and a passionate community, it is one of the best places to live in the country at the moment.

At the moment, the centre of Ringwood is hoping to become a fully fleshed, integrated and bustling urban destination. Alongside the core services found here – retail, commercial, residential and leisure – Ringwood also nestles itself in a gorgeous natural landscape that embraces native Australian flora and fauna.

Thanks to the substantial investments and developments that Ringwood has seen, it has quickly become a suburb that fits the bill for a huge demographic. Families will appreciate the expansive leisure facilities, parks and access to the Yarra Valley. Young professionals can enjoy a vibrant nightlife, connections to Melbourne and a truly unique ambience. All told, there are a variety of contemporary lifestyle options that are made available thanks to Ringwood’s unique infrastructure and culture. Better yet, the thriving local economy in the area is set to cause an even more bountiful future for this expanding suburb.

Why is Melbourne growing faster than any other population.

Melbourne is growing at a rapid pace, with bustling communities found in its inner cities and surrounding suburbs. This seems to be in direct contrast to many other regions in the country that are seeing a noticeable drop in growth across the board. So, what is it that is making Melbourne buck the trend? This post hopes to shed a little bit of light on what is making Melbourne so attractive to natives and transplants alike.

Growth in Australia is usually focused on the inner cities and coastlines, leaving regional areas and historical suburbs in a bit of a state. As population has continued to drop across the regional areas, inner cities and coasts have flourished – but none more so than Melbourne. Much of the growth seen by the second biggest city in Australia is largely thanks to overseas migrants and native arrivals.

The desire for people to move to Melbourne has caused a property frenzy, and as a result many of Melbourne’s suburbs are growing in affluence, popularity and – most importantly – price. As a city, the suburbs of Melbourne were generally seen as more desirable south of the Yarra River. However, with the new wave of prospective tenants and property owners, it seems that this historical preference is starting to change.

The western suburbs of Melbourne – Altona, Keilor and Sunshine – are all growing into incredibly affluent and desirable places to live. This sort of shift would have been unthinkable a few years ago, but Melbourne is a driving force for change in suburbs. With that said, the most happening areas surrounding Melbourne are elsewhere – East Melbourne, South Yarra and Toorak take the cake for what is arguably the three best places to live.

East Melbourne has been touted as the most liveable suburb in the world’s most loveable city, and a quick walk through the area will explain why. With glamorous heritage-listed wide streets and lush trees dotting the area it oozes class and decadence. However, the neighbourhood lacks any decent shops, schools or cafes. This does not seem to be too much of an issue though, with surrounding suburbs such as Richmond providing those amenities in droves.

Another gem found in Melbourne’s suburbs is South Yarra. The quaint neighbourhood is home to the spellbinding Royal Botanical Gardens, boutiques, cinemas and nightclubs. This is an area steeped in culture, swank and glitz. It balances this with a vibrant, bohemian vibe that manifests itself in street markets that sell arts, crafts and handcrafted jewellery.

Melbourne’s suburbs are some of the most culturally rich, beautiful and well kept in the world. As a result, they have helped catapult Melbourne into one of the most desirable places to live in the world as well as the fastest growing city in Australia.

Six Reasons You Should Buy A Beachfront Home

Australians have traditionally had an attraction to the ocean and everything that it represents. This has spread to include a need to live near the ocean, and has resulted in a huge proportion of our coastline being developed and a huge proportion of our population living near the beach. Beachfront homes are very difficult to come by, and can be expensive. However, they are worth every cent you might spend on them. Here are six reasons why you should buy a beachfront home:

It will never lose value!

Beachfront homes will basically never lose value. As Australia’s population grows more and more people are going to want to live near the ocean, boosting the price of your new property. Think of it as an investment: you will be able to sell it again for at least the amount that you paid, and probably for a lot more!

You will be able to walk on the beach every morning:

Think about that. Every time you want to go for a walk on the beach, you will simply have to step out the door. This is extremely attractive to many people, and is one of the reasons why beachfront homes are in such high-demand.

You can rent it out as a holiday home if you wish:

People will pay a fortune to stay in a home near the beach. This means that you will be able to rent it out for a much higher price than you usually would if living inland, resulting in a high return on your initial investment.

You can learn to surf:

Or dive. Or swim. Or basically anything you want! Having a beachfront home will open up endless possibilities for you to learn new things and take up new hobbies, while not paying a lot to rent a holiday home or in petrol to drive to the beach.

Watch the sun rise (or set) over the ocean every single day:

Turn your life into one big holiday by watching the sunset or sunrise (depending which way your house faces) over the ocean every single day.

You will be able to go fishing as often as you want:

If you enjoy fishing then you will love this fact. You will never have to drive a long way to go fishing again. Relax on the beach in front of your house with a beer and your fishing rod while you catch a feed of fish for dinner!

OBrien Real Estate Auction Wrap from Saturday 15th October

A great result for OBrien Real Estate this past weekend with 8 out of 9 sold properties, a clearance rate of 89% which is 10% over the REIV reported clearance rate for across all of Victoria of 79%.

  • 75 Shrives Road, Narre Warren South – SOLD – $1,100,000
  • 29 Churchill Park Drive, Endeavour Hills – SOLD AFTER – $1,435,000
  • 2/190 Weatherall Rd, Cheltenham – SOLD $956,000
  • 28 Mernda Ave, Cheltenham – SOLD – $1,232,000
  • 10/13 Elm Grove, McKinnon – SOLD – $530,000
  • 5 Western Avenue, Narre Warren – SOLD BEFORE – $ 550,000
  • 14 Snowjump Crescent, Endeavour Hills – SOLD $622,500
  • 83 John Fawkner Drive, Endeavour Hills – SOLD $600,000
  • 5/14 Jellicoe St, Cheltenham – Passed In – Reserve $640,000

OBrien Real Estate supports Tooradin Primary School’s “Red Rockets”

This year Tooradin Primary Schools, “Red Rockets” have been ranked No 1 in Victoria for all primary and junior secondary teams.

Over the weekend of the 8th October they competed at Casey Fields, Cranbourne and won this category again in an 8 hour continuous race.

Their other team, the “Flamin’ Mozzies”, won the entire series over the weekend also.

Once again the Obrien Team are out in front!!!

OBrien Real Estate Auction Wrap from Saturday 8th October

4 sold out of 7 auctions undertaken this past Saturday throughout the network is a fantastic result.

  • SOLD – 210 McInnes Road Tynong North $1,150,000.
  • SOLD – 103 Centre Dandenong Road Cheltenham, Price Undisclosed
  • SOLD – 10 Friendship Square, Cheltenham, $1,006,000.
  • SOLD – 33 Wilson Street, Cheltenham, $1,135,000.
  • Passed In – 2/129 Lower Dandenong Road, Mentone, $330,000 VB Later Offer $360,000 Reserve $400,000.
  • Passed In – 9 Apple Street Pearcedale, $150,000 VB Reserve undisclosed.
  • Passed In – 10 Nicole Close Endeavour Hills, $850,000 Reserve undisclosed