Finding the right renters

Finding The Right Renters For Your Investment Property

Finding the right renter makes all the difference and here’s what we look for.

Tenants must be able to afford the rent.
It is paramount to ensure the tenants are able to afford the rent, if the rent is greater than 33% of the household income it will be hard for the tenants to maintain rental payments in the long- term.

Rental History. It is mandatory that we call the property managers from the previous rental agency to ensure that we get a full brief of the renters and how they treated the property during the tenancy.

Speaking to Employers. It is vital that we speak to employers to ensure the information of the tenants have provided us is true and correct.

Reference checking.
It is vital that we check any personal or professional references renters provide us in relation to fully understanding the tenant.

Renting your investment property to a quality renter who pays on time and maintains the property as if it was their own home is vitality important for a successful property investment journey.