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Gino Vernucci

Senior Property Consultant

Preston Reservoir Office

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Gino Vernucci Profile

Gino was born at PANCH hospital Preston, his parents' first home was in Preston. Ironically his first job was a barista at 14 years old was at the Preston Market. At 19 he entered real estate and yes you guessed it, in Preston.

A passion for real estate developed very early for Gino. Having entered the real estate industry at 19 years old, 12 years later he is still a one career wonder.

He attributes his success to one phrase. "Your clients make you". Gino believes that service and going the extra mile help his clients achieve maximum results, in turn leading to referral business. Gino is married with two beautiful children Vinnie and Sienna. In his spare time enjoys watching/playing soccer and enjoying precious time with his family.

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