Ho e office space and storage ideas

Home Office Storage and Space Ideas

Smart designs for your home work area

You may have a designated study in your home that you use an office or a nook that can be designed to accommodate your work from home needs. Regardless of your workspace area, you can create an efficient and functional space to suit your style. Browse our plans to garner ideas on creating that perfect space and storage office in your home.

Adding Shelves – Shelves are a great way to create storage. You can fit electronic appliances such as a printer and add sections in your shelves for files, books and other assortments of items that you use.

Pre-plan your shelving system prior to installation with a drawing on how you envisage this section of your work area to look. First on your checklist should be power. Is there a power outlet on this wall? If not add this to your list and count how many devices will need power and make sure you have enough outlets.

In your shelf design include cupboards and drawers and a space to place a plant. Having a least one plant will lift the atmosphere of your home office. Incorporate the top of your desk into the shelf so it all flows together. This is an ideal area to place your printer.

Added to your wall shelving system can be trays that are categorised as paperwork that your need access to regularly.

Above the Door Shelves – A great space saver and storage area that is rarely used is above the door. You can incorporate your wall shelving system to flow into your above door shelving. This is a great use of a space that is generally overlooked. This space can be a cupboard or open.

Hide your electrical cables – Having exposed cables from your electronic devices can detract from the ambiance of your home office. Seeing cables all over the place is not a good look. Ideally, your power outlets will be near the floor area and out of the way. You can purchase simply to adhere cable concealer kits that you can feed all your cables through. Bunnings has a cable management system that can help do the job for all your cables.

Adding a corkboard and whiteboard – If you use paper then adding a corkboard onto your wall can be very useful. Also if you are an ideas person or have schedules or assignments pending then you can add these onto your whiteboard as a reminder. The whiteboard can be used as a tool for priorities.

The key to creating your home office space is in your initial design. Pre-plan before you act and create a list of needs first then wants. Look online for ideas and ask colleagues if they have designed their own home office. There are some great ideas out there that you can utilise to suit your own personality.