How Much Is My Home Worth In Deer Park?

The median price for a house in Deer Park is $647,972 as of 30 September, 2021. The median-priced for a unit is $432,964. There have been 206 houses and 39 units sold in the last year. It takes on average 18 days to sell a house in Deer Park. The annual capital growth for homes is 6.55% and units is -1.76%. (Data sourced from CoreLogic)

The Demand to Supply Ratio or DSR rating puts homes and units as above average. Effectively the market is saying there are more buyers than sellers. Vendors are more often than not getting their asking price. If you were to purchase or invest in a property in Deer Park the capital growth should stay ahead of the national average.
House prices and rent returns in Deer Park.

  • 2 bedroom home $507,500 Rent per week $330
  • 3 bedroom home $606,500 Rent per week $350
  • 4 bedroom home $650,000 Rent per week $420

*Data sourced from

Unit prices and rent returns in Deer Park

  • 2 bedroom unit $455,000 Rent per week $340
  • 3 bedroom unit $495,000 Rent per week $350

*Data sourced from

The gross rental yield for Deer Park is 3.2% for houses.

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Property Valuation Deer Park

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Lifestyle in Deer Park

Deer Park is located 19 kilometres east of the Melbourne business district. There were 18,121 residents recorded at the 2016 census. Deer Park consist of 21 parks that cover a total of 8.2% of the suburbs total area.

House holds in Deer Park predominately consist of couples with children, where the adults fall into the age group of 30-39 years old. In general, the most common occupation among people living within Deer Park is labouring where the average household income is between $78,000 – $130,000 per year.

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