How To Disinfect Your Home

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

Now that the worlds attention is focussed on the Coronavirus more people are being educated on how fast a virus can spread. Statistics say the Coronavirus doubles every 4 days. With no known vaccine populations are choosing isolation as their first defence. So, it would seem natural that the very environment you live in should also be protected. Think of some of the everyday surfaces and devices you and your fellow housemates share and handle.

Shared Remote Controls

Every household has them. In a typical home, there will be remote controls for the TV, air conditioning, telephone, stereo and so on. Any shared remote control should be wiped clean or a regular basis.

Light Switches

Every room has a light switch which is used every day. Someone uses the toilet that has no basin to wash. If it is dark they turn on the light then do their business. Before washing their hands they leave and switch off the light. You may turn on the light to watch TV then pick up the remote. If there are bacteria in your home you can see how easy it is to transfer bacteria from one item to the next.


How many door handles are in your home? Did you count the handles on cupboards, draws and window winders? Handles are used by everyone in the home. The least safe handle in your home would be the toilet door handle.
Disinfecting your home

Are you thinking that surfaces only relate to your bench and tabletops? Have you considered that the most used surface in your home is the floor? You may want to consider removing your shoes when you enter the house. After all, if there is one part of your body that is constantly in contact with something it is your feet.


Here I will refer to just one button in your home. The toilet button. Does your toilet have no washbasin and more than 1 user? If so, then you may want to think of a collective plan on how you use the toilet to safeguard against potential health risks.

How to clean your home effectively

Let’s start with 7 essential items before you clean.

  1. A belt to hold your items
  2. Microfibre cloth
  3. Scrubbing brush
  4. Disinfecting wipes
  5. Hand duster
  6. All-purpose cleaner
  7. Detail brush

1. Disinfecting Wipes

Not all cleaners can disinfect. You need a combination of cleaner and disinfector. If you visit the Australian Dettol brand you should be able to find a number of suitable disinfectant wipes by Dettol.

2. All-Purpose Cleaner Spray

Not only are all-purpose sprays safe to use on a range of household surfaces such as glass, laminate, and steel, they also allow you to clean up grease, grime and other messes without leaving any residue behind. No need to store five expensive bottles of name-brand cleaners at home.

3. Microfibre Cloth

good microfibre cloth will clean better than any paper towel. Microfibre cloths attract particles and are great for wiping down appliances and tops. Plus, you can wash them over and over. This makes microfibre cloth eco-friendly.

4. Scrub Brush Multi-purpose

A good all-purpose scrub brush will make even the tough cleaning jobs easier. A brush can reach those hard to get at areas and removes any unwanted substances.

5. Detail Brush

A quality detail brush with non-slip grips and durable scrubbing bristles will help you reach some downright difficult spots, like shower door tracks, stovetops, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures, so you can give them the deep cleaning they deserve. Find a detail brush with a built-in wiping blade.

6. Hand Duster

Go for a hand duster with a removable microfibre pad. Or consider one with an extendable handle to swiftly remove dust from hard-to-reach places, such as ceiling fans and tall window casings.

7. Utility Belt

Sure, a good rolling cart is great if you don’t have stairs; but if you do, your best bet is to invest in a comfortable and reliable utility belt so you can carry your cleaning supplies from room to room, hands-free. We like this padded one for $22 from Time for Cleaning Products.

If you really want to get serious in your home then invest in some P2 N95 face mask respirators.