How to maiximise your sale price

How To Maximise Your Sale Price

To maximise your sale price remember the three p’s

The first P is the “Process” 

When considering which sales process to use, what we do is evaluate the number of similar property listings currently on the market and then analyse this with the buyer demand that exists in the market at that given time. These indicators will help shape the sales process to take, whether it’s by way off-market, private sale, closing date sale or
by public auction, we’ll guide you on the best process to take that will maximise your selling price but ultimately that decision will rest with you. 

The second P is “Presentation”

Presentation is key, certainly, if you can do everything possible to maximise the presentation of your property, it will mean buyers can then make a very quick assumption whether your home is for them based on how it presents, so by following some recommendations in presenting your home and creating that atmosphere which makes a great first impression you’ll definitely maximise your selling price.

And the third P is “Positioning”.

Positioning is making sure that you engage an agent that has got a really good market knowledge so they can position the property correctly in terms of where we substantiate price to be and also an agent that can negotiate on your behalf.

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