Buyers for your property

How we find buyers for your property?

At OBrien Real Estate we attract buyers to your property using a few methods.

  1. Database Management – This system allows us to send newsletters, SMS’s & emails to our buyers which includes clients who are potentially looking for the same requirements your home offers. Once this communication is sent out, we then call all those clients to let them know of your property and organise a private inspection for the client to view your home.
  2. Cross-Selling – Once a week agents from different OBrien offices inspect the upcoming listings and off-market properties. This then gives agents a chance to contact their client database to see who is looking for a home similar to yours.
  3. Letterbox dropping – When you list your property with us, we print drops with the details of your property and the agent’s details and deliver these to your neighbourhood. This lets your neighbours know that you are selling and gives your neighbours the opportunity to purchase and view your home. Keep in mind they may have a friend or relative that are potentially looking at buying a new house.
  4. Advertising – Dependant on the elements within the marketing campaign chosen and agreed to for your home we attract buyers that are both passive and well as active through a number of advertising mediums like social media, our own website, print and online property portals.