Keep Your Home Safe During Inspections

How to secure your home during inspections

An inspection is inevitable during the sales process of your home. Naturally, the buyer wants to see the inside of the property. It is always a good idea to take safety measures and not tempt theft. Below are some suggestions that can ease and eliminate potential safety risks when selling your home. Remember not all thefts are of a physical nature some are the theft of information.

1. Make sure the selling agent is gathering as much information as possible from the potential buyer. This would include recording their name, address and phone number. The agent should also visually site their driver’s licence and make a note of the licence number. This has the effect of securing the property for the seller and letting buyers know you take your job seriously.

2.  Hide and store all the valuables
Find a secure space in your home to place all your valuables in. The majority of home buyers are honest. However, it has been known that children by accident like to pick up shiny things and keep them. And there are those who pretend to be buyers. For these types, there is no breaking and entering. The door is open and if they can steal valuable items they will. The most common items that go missing from homes are:
front door security camera
Jewelry, watches, iPods, tablets and laptops.
The stolen items, however, aren’t just limited to these. Children’s toys, kitchen items, expensive artifacts, etc. are some of the other things that are known to be stolen. Keeping these things away doesn’t give a chance for you to regret later. Hiding your personal stuff also depersonalizes your home and helps prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the house.

3. Setup Security Cameras
It is a good way to keep a watch on every nook and corner of your home without being actually present all the time. The internet security cameras are cost effective and they have the facility of live streaming and recording. Apart from using as a safety guard while selling the home, it is an additional asset and increases the home value as well.

Be careful of one thing though, never spy on people. While using the security cameras, inform the realtors or potential buyers that they are been filmed. It addresses the privacy issue, and knowing that they are being watched, people shall keep their hands to themselves.

4. Keep all personal information hidden
Remove all bill payment receipts that show your credit card details. These can include rates, bank statements, car registration, phone bills and so on. Check your fridge door for personal information that might be behind fridge magnets. For example, your wi-fi password which can give access to your internet. All this information is easily collected with the click of a camera.

Though the home selling process is generally safe, by taking these precautionary steps, you can ascertain the safety of yourself and your loved ones.