Keeping Your Home Fresh and Clean with Pets

Your cuddly, furry friend is always welcome in the home, but they can be a bit of a mess. Whether it’s your own home or a rental, pups, cats and other pets can leave a whole lot of mess for you to handle, and it can become a handful of a job.

So, to prevent your home from becoming a fur-infested manor for all things fluffy, here are our tips for keeping your home clean as a whistle, without having to give up your pet.

Get a good vacuum and use it

Vacuuming can be tedious, but leaving it until the inspection will only make it harder for fur to actually be removed. Opt for a weekly vacuum throughout the home, and make sure you’re getting all those corners and crevices. Another thing to do is use a pet-friendly grooming vacuum and targeting the source directly!

Refresh with the right ingredients

Bicarb soda is a great cleaner, so sprinkle it over your carpets and let it sit, or add a cup into your washing load and eliminate all those furry odours. A mild air freshener or diffuser will also help get rid of those smells, and a couple drops of lavender oil can be applied to your pet’s shoulders.

Pet friendly plants

Certain plants can help purify and ventilate the air, helping with smelly odours resulted by your pooch or cat. Spider plants, palms, bamboo and certain succulents are great plants for keeping at home, and they add a little colour to your home!

Choose fur safe furnishings

Keep in mind what fabric you’re buying. We all know leather is odour resistant, but it also doesn’t attract pet hair. Synthetic fabric like Ultrasuede or microfibre can also be a good pet-proof option.

Easy meal clean-up

While the litterbox is certainly a culprit for bad smells, the pet’s food bowl can also leave unwanted stenches. Dried, sticky wet food in bowls can leave lasting smells as well as slobber or food that has fallen out of the bowl. Get a pet safe mat that can easily be washed when spills occur, and even grease food bowls so food is easier to clean off.

Regular grooming

Not only does grooming help your dog feel fresh and happy, it’ll also help minimise shedding and odours! Be sure to wash and brush your pet the recommended amount so there’s no build-up of fur and nasty smells. Make sure to clean your pet before they’re allowed in after an outing too.