Landlord Info

Important notes for landlord

Advertising your Property/Investment
With your approval, we’ll develop a cost-effective, professional marketing campaign using the advertising media at our disposal to make sure we attract as many potential tenants for your property as possible.
We will use a multimedia campaign combine office, internet and print media.
This will provide you with all the necessary advertising campaign in the most cost effective way.

Tenant Selection
We maintain exceptionally high standards when it comes to selecting tenants to recommend to you. Stringent checks are conducted through nationwide databases and all previous rental, business and personal references are verified and employment details confirmed.
We understand the significance of completing the appropriate documentation for our clients’ property and prepare lease agreements tailored to individual’s needs, complete a detailed condition report and use the standard Residential Tenancy Bond Lodgement form.

Rental Payment
We offer a number of rent payment methods for tenants, such as electronic payments, by credit card or in person. Rental income is deposited directly into your nominated bank account. Should a rent payment become overdue we’ll chase it up with reminder calls, written advice and SMS messages.

Routine Inspections, Maintenance & Reviews
Routine inspections are carried out at six-monthly intervals to ensure the tenant is maintaining the property and to check if any maintenance is required. We’ll advise you immediately of any maintenance or repairs required. Any necessary work is carried out by O’Brien Real Estate approved trades people within the cost limit you have authorised.

Your Property Manager will conduct regular rent reviews and discuss the renewal of lease with you.