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How to turn your home cooking up a notch

Have you been levelling-up your home cooking recently? Find out which of the latest appliances can help you on your journey from amateur to master chef. 

Cooking a gourmet meal at home doesn’t require every gadget under the sun. You don’t need air fryers, pressure cookers and multiple small appliances gathering dust in your cupboard.

It may just take one or two high quality, multi-purpose appliances to cover your bases and accommodate your needs.

Here we consider how the latest innovations in cooking appliances can up your kitchen ante and enhance your at-home culinary adventures.

A steam oven

You may already know that steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook as it preserves the nutrients in your food. However, it also enhances flavour and reduces the need for extra oils and seasonings in many cases.

So if it’s time for a new oven, you may want to find one with steam cooking functionality to really up your cooking game.

Steam ovens are perfect for cooking fish and veggies to retain maximum flavour and nutrients.

The Bosch Series 8 Full Steam oven comes with a steam function as well as the traditional baking or roasting mode. It also has a touch screen with intelligent pre-set options that will automatically select the right cooking mode, heat and time for your selected dish.

“Cooking with steam locks in the delicious flavours and fragrances of your food, as well as the all-important vitamins and minerals,” says Bosch brand manager Maja Pejovic.

Steam cooking can be used to improve all manner of dishes from fish and veggies, to grains and legumes and even some desserts.

If you’re wondering about the nuts and bolts of it all, Bosch steam ovens come with their own refillable water tank so you don’t need to have your oven connected to a water supply.

An ‘added steam’ oven

There are also ovens with an ‘added steam’ function, which is different to the previously described ‘full steam’ option. While a full steam oven can do just that – use hot steam to gently cook your food – ovens with added steam use little bursts of moisture every now and then to enhance traditional cooking functions.

An oven with added steam helps keep the middle of your roast moist and the outside crispy.

Added steam can help you achieve a succulent roast chicken, without compromising on the crispy skin. It’s also the perfect function for reheating dishes or getting a deliciously crunchy crust on a soft loaf of bread.

With a Bosch oven with Added Steam you can set the oven to automatically add bursts of steam, or you can add steam manually for greater control depending on the dish you’re cooking.

While ovens with full steam also come with added steam functionality, the difference is that an oven with just the added steam functionality is going to cost you less.

An induction cooktop

While mastering baking and roasting in your oven is a key part of levelling up your home cooking skills, nailing dishes on your cooktop is the other half of the equation. We’ve all had issues with burners that are slow to heat up and cool down, or somehow just can’t adequately heat those heavy duty pots and pans.

This is where induction cooktops come in handy. They can reach a high heat almost instantly, saving you time in the cooking process and offering a great level of control over the temperature.

The 2-in-1 cooktop has integrated ventilation for a more flexible kitchen design.

This 2-in-1 cooktop from Bosch combines a top-of-the-line induction cooktop with integrated ventilation, eliminating the need for a chunky overhead rangehood.

This makes it the perfect cooktop for an island bench and also gives you greater flexibility in kitchen layout as you don’t need to allow for overhead ventilation in your design.

If you still like the idea of cooking with gas then the Bosch FlameSelect cooktop will give you a range of heat settings to help perfect your dish. With nine defined levels of flame control you can master everything from melted chocolate to a flawless steak.

So if you’re thinking about a new kitchen, make sure the appliances you choose will help you bring out your inner chef and nail those fancy at-home dinners.