OBrien Celebrates Multicultural Week – 18-24 March 2019

Melbourne based OBrien Real Estate, a boutique 27 office network of over 300 people is strong on multiculturalism. The group on Thursday 21 March celebrated it’s diversity with a meeting of it’s people, recognising an important part of the group. It was a special time to come together to appreciate one another’s values and differences. General Manager Jason Mudford said “the gathering of our people was to celebrate what makes the company great, which is it’s people. Many of our employees come from various cultures and backgrounds and it’s this contribution from a wider range of perspectives that enriches the office environment and culture. A different mix of our people’s experience assists with shaping our global view and better serve our customers”. OBrien Real Estate are proud to have so many traditions and cultures from around the world in the network and this celebration also showcases one of the company’s core values being family. Mr Mudford is said the group currently speaks 36 different languages.

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