OBrien Foundation supports students at Dromana Specialist School with their first bikes.

Ride club raises money from “Around the Bay”

At a 9.30am ceremony on 20 November, ten students from Dromana Specialist School received their first bikes through the raising of funds from the “Pesky Peddlers” riding club within OBrien Real Estate.

The riding club set themselves a challenge to ride the 210km “Around the Bay” last month and through the support of its own people and their network connections raised the necessary funds needed for the bikes.

Jason Mudford from OBrien said the riding club was set up for some comradery and fitness and being competitive people in nature we set ourselves the 210km challenge and thought wouldn’t it be a great idea to raise money for disadvantaged kids to help them get their first bike because a bike is one of the greatest freedoms and escapes kids can have.

Using the fantastic Variety Vic Bikes For Kids program the OBrien foundation was also able to secure helmets and bike locks for the students. Mr Mudford said Variety Vic Bikes for Kids Program provides freedom, independence and joy to disadvantaged children in Australia through the provision of a bike. Such a simple gift that ultimately changes a child’s life.

In attendance at the ceremony from OBrien was Sam Hartrick, Robert Eierweis, Anastasia Howard, Mathew Blakely, Fraser Bayne, Jason Mudford and Katie Oliver.

Jason said OBrien is a strong supporter of local communities and we have loved seeing the positive impacts our sponsorships have on our local communities and we believe that giving back is extremely important.

For more information on the OBrien Foundation and how grant applications can be made view our website page http://www.foundation.obrienrealestate.com.au