How a home stylist and real estate agent work together.

How to Stage and Style your Home

Are you selling your home? If so, you may want to get opinions from friends on how they see the presentation of your house. Sometimes we live in a property for so long we become acclimatised to its look and feel. We don’t notice how stale the home may have become. Call on a few friends and ask them for their opinion on how they see your home Its like a straw poll, not everyone will have the same opinion but you will get a general idea on their thoughts. Chances are your home will benefit from some sort of upgrade. And, if you are selling then it may be worth engaging the services of a home stylist. This could add 10’s of 1000’s of dollars to your sale.

How can a Home Stylist Help?

Property staging has one major purpose. To highlight the features of your property in order to sell it faster and maximise the highest price possible.
Successful home stylists with the support of a real estate agent know how to appeal to the local real estate market. Working together they discuss the target market and the people most likely to buy your home.  They take into consideration what types of properties are selling and what is not. They are aware of the average number of days on the market as well as recent sale price. Stylists using their knowledge of scale, traffic flow, colour and the visual perception of space, will highlight a home’s features and minimise any negatives. Hire furniture is often used but not in all circumstance and is returned at the end of the sales campaign.

Home stylists will visit your home for 1-2 hours, walk around and discuss the property with you, then provide you with a written report on what needs to be done to prepare the home for sale. The home owner can then choose to either undertake these tasks themselves or engage the services of tradesmen.

If you’re considering preparing your home for sale, don’t be afraid to speak with your real estate agent and a home stylist for advice. Many people can be reluctant to for fear of the dreaded sales pitch and the costs involved but agents and designers can make an incredibly powerful team. Preparing your home properly is more than cushions, throws and lamps, it’s the combination of a great and skilled team working to get you the best result.