preparing rental investment property

Preparing Your Investment Property For Rent

When preparing your investment property for rent there are a couple important things to consider.

1. Make sure all the appliances, fixtures and fittings are checked. Before searching for a renter to live in your investment property, ensure all the electrical and mechanical appliances are in safe working order like the cooking appliances, dishwasher, hot water service, heating and cooling, security systems, any mechanical gates or garages doors and pool equipment. Also ensure light fittings, smoke alarms and power points are checked by a professional to ensure they too are in safe working condition.

Preparing investment property for rent

2. Have the home presented in a well-maintained state. Have things like the lawns mowed and the garden weeded. Ensure any tiling and decks are clean, your windows, fly wires and shower screens, drapes, curtains and carpets are also cleaned so the prospective renters can see that the home can be easily maintained throughout. Doing this presentation and maintenance also then sets a standard with the renter on the level of maintenance you would like the property kept while they are in the tenancy.

Lastly, it is worth having all appliance manuals left behind in the property in case there is any trouble shooting that is required for things like the dishwasher, the heating and cooling and the of course the oven.

These tips in having a well prepared and presented home to rent will not only ensure you get a higher weekly rent but also a higher quality tenant which makes for a much smoother process from the on-set right through to the very end of the tenancy.