How Much is My Home Worth in Taylors Lakes?

The median price for a house in Taylors Lakes is $747,000 as of February 5, 2020. There have been 95 homes and 1 unit sold this year. The annual capital growth for homes is 6.08%. The 12-month capital growth is -0.10% on houses. The DSR rating has homes at very good. This translates to being a seller’s market. Vendors do not have to wait long before good offers are made. As an investment expect the capital growth immediately.
House prices and rent returns in Taylors Lakes.

  • 3 bedroom home $695,000 Rent per week $410
  • 4 bedroom home $760,000 Rent per week $475

Unit prices and rent returns in Taylors Lakes.

  • 3 bedroom unit No Data Rent per week $360

The gross rental yield for houses is 3.13%. It takes 51 days to sell a house in Sydenham.

Free Real Estate Appraisal Taylors Lakes

Selling your home in Taylors Lakes? We have free real estate appraisals on homes, units and land. Our appraisers carefully arrive at a price that is determined by the property’s location to schools, shops, amenities and public transport. Also factored into our appraisal are the size of the property and current sales history. We will walk you through at how we arrive at our price.

Rental Appraisal Taylors Lakes

Do you have an investment property you wish to rent? Or, do you want to rent out your home? Appraising the potential rent return on a home varies marginally from a house appraisal that is for sale. The difference being the landlord owns the property and has an investment in the type of tenant that holds the lease. We carefully screen each tenant and make it clear there is a level of care that must be maintained. Our property management team currently manages over 3600 properties.

Property Valuation Taylors Lakes

Did you know there is a difference between a property valuation and an appraisal? If, for legal reasons you require a valuation then you have to engage the services of a registered valuer. This service will come with a fee. An appraisal can be performed by any licensed real estate agent.

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Lifestyle in Taylors Lakes
Taylors Lakes is located 23 kilometres from the central business district of Melbourne in the north-west. The Calder Freeway runs along its eastern border. The Watergardens train station is on the western border. Its neighbouring suburbs include Sydenham, Delaney and Keilor.

Schools in Taylors Lakes
There are 3 schools in Taylors Lakes.

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