How Much is My Home Worth in McKinnon?

The median price for a house in McKinnon is $1,502,500 as of March 27, 2020. A median-priced unit is $748,500. There have been 44 houses and 35 units sold this year. The average annual capital growth for houses is 6.42% and units is 3.53%. The 12-month capital growth is 4.97% on houses and -0.13% for units. The Demand to Supply Ratio or DSR rating has houses and units as above average. This is a healthy property market for investors. Vendors are usually getting the price they are asking for. As an investment expect the capital growth to stay ahead of the national average.
House prices and rent returns in McKinnon.

  • 3 bedroom home $1,405,000 Rent per week $581
  • 4 bedroom home No Data Rent per week $875

Unit prices and rent returns in McKinnon.

  • 2 bedroom unit $602,500 Rent per week $500
  • 3 bedroom unit $1,015,000 Rent per week $700

The gross rental yield for a house is 2.21% and for a unit, it is 3.87%. It takes on average 77 days to sell a house and 64 days to sell a unit.

Free Real Estate Appraisal McKinnon

Are are you thinking of selling your home in McKinnon? Do you want to know the current market value of your house or unit? Our appraisal team will provide a free and accurate report as the value of your house, unit or block of land. We base our appraisals on the location of the property to schools, shops and amenities.

Free Rental Appraisal McKinnon

Do you have an investment property you want to rent? Or, do you want to rent out your current home? Our property management team currently manages over 3600 properties. There is no scenario we have not dealt with when it comes to managing real estate. We use the latest software tools to streamline our services. We deal directly with the landlord and keep them up to speed with the rental of their property.

Property Valuation McKinnon

Are you aware there is a difference between an appraisal and a property valuation? If for legal reasons you require a valuation then you have to engage the services of a licenced valuer. There will be a fee attached to this. Whereas, an appraisal can be provided by any real estate agent.

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Lifestyle in McKinnon
About 6,000 people reside in McKinnon which is located 12 kilometres south-east of Melbourne Melbourne. The McKinnon train station runs along the Frankston line. The local football team is called the St Pauls East Bentleigh Football Club. Neighbouring suburbs include Ormond, East Brighton and Bentleigh.

Schools in McKinnon
There is 1 school in McKinnon.

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