How Much is My Home Worth in Mickleham?

The median price for a house in Mickleham is $510,000 as of March 28, 2019. There have 158 houses sold in 2019 and no units sold.  The average annual capital growth for houses is currently sitting at 27.10%. The Demand to Supply Ratio or DSR rating has houses as above average. There is currently more demand than supply. Vendors are usually getting the price they are asking for. As an investment expect the capital growth to trend ahead of the national average.
House prices and rent returns in Mickleham.

  • 3 bedroom home $480,000 Rent per week $370
  • 4 bedroom home $592,000 Rent per week $400

The gross rental yield for houses in Mickleham is 4.08%. On average it takes 64 days to sell a home.

Free Real Estate Appraisal Mickleham

Selling your house in Mickleham? Do you want to know the current market price of your house or unit? Our appraisers will deliver an accurate appraisal based on recent sales data together with the location of amenities, schools and shops. Our agents will provide this valuation free of charge.

Free Rental Appraisal Mickleham

Do you have an investment property you wish to rent? Or, do you want to rent out your current home? Our property management team currently manage over 250 properties. There is no scenario we have not dealt with when it comes to managing real estate. We use the latest software tools to streamline our services. We deal directly with the landlord and keep them up to speed with the rental of their property.

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If for legal reasons you need to get your house valued then you must employ the services of a registered property valuer. This property valuation will have a fee attached. However, if you are just wanting to know the market price of your home a licenced real estate agent can perform this service. We provide appraisals at no cost.

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Lifestyle in Mickleham
There are about 3200 residents in Mickleham which is located 32 kilometres north of Melbourne. There are plans underway to build a major shopping complex in Merrifield which will be the size of Westfield Foutain Gate. This will include a business park. There are 30 hectares of land for the project with 200,000 square metres of retail services. The eastern border carries the M31 or Hume Freeway. Its neighbours include Craigieburn and Yuroke.

Schools in Mickleham
There are 2 schools in Mickleham.

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