Sell your home with beautiful photos

Sell Your Home with Beautiful Photos

Professional Photography Increases Buyer Interest

Generally, it is the first impression that lasts the longest. This is no different when a buyer sees a property for the first time. A buyer’s initial research into buying a home is usually via a real estate portal on the internet. So it would be wise to present the property for sale with a series of listing photographs that are professionally taken. Not only will these photos attract the attention of buyers but will increase the competition for your sale. As a result, photographs are one of the most important steps you should take when selling your home. It can mean the difference between a potential buyer looking at your home or not.

Real estate photography

Home Staging Prior to Photography

Remove all references to your family. This includes photos and personal belongings. Let the buyer imagine what the home would look like if they were the occupants. If you want to appeal to the broader audience then accept that everyone else’s tastes may not be the same as yours.


This is where a professional photographer comes into their own. Their experience will make use of light and even create their own light to produce awesome photos. Take a photo of the exterior of your home and compare it to a professional photo and you will see the difference.

Exterior Interior and Drone Photos

A professional property photographer has all the necessary equipment to create beautiful photos. These include the exterior from back to front. The interior and all its rooms from every angle. And elevated and aerial photos using a drone. Once the photo sets are complete the photographer can edit the photos and create consistency.

The advantages of using a professional real estate photographer

  • Experience in what works and what doesn’t
  • Staging your home correctly
  • Aerial and drone pictures
  • Photo editing software