OBrien Real Estate Opens Office In Wodonga

OBrien Real Estate Meehan Sanderson – Wodonga

OBrien is now serving Wodonga.

Fresh off an eventful 12 months which saw the network open 4 new offices across Regional Victoria, the fast growing network of OBrien Real Estate is excited to launch yet another Regional office at the beginning of 2022 in the exciting border town of Wodonga.

If you’ve had anything to do with real estate in Wodonga over the past few decades, we’d imagine you’re familiar with the Meehan and Sanderson names. After decades of success serving the local real estate market spanning across two generations, these two powerhouse names have finally joined forces, and with the support and backing of a third name “OBrien”, are set to launch their new venture in 2022!

Tom Sanderson, Vanessa Meehan and Margy Meehan, have taken the big step of launching their own agency. Collectively the Meehan and Sanderson names have sold thousands properties across the Wodonga region. Not yet satisfied, they’ve joined the OBrien Real Estate network because they believe there is a better way forward and that together they can lift the industry in the Wodonga marketplace.

Tom, Vanessa and Margy are proud of the moves they’ve made and proud of the fact they’re constantly challenging themselves to be more innovative, push harder and expect more. From day one they’ve strived to be better and now they’ll be doing it as a business. “We knew it made sense for the Meehan and Sanderson names to join forces; it was then just a matter of finding who best to partner with to help us on this journey” Tom Sanderson said.

“OBrien’s in the end was the obvious choice -when we made the decision to join forces, we did our due diligence, we looked around, it was vital for us to find a network that was a good fit for us. To be a good fit they needed to be young, innovative, looking to grow and most of all be community focussed. The OBrien network is all of this and more, they encourage their offices to flourish and provide them with the tools, resources and support to make this happen. We’ve loved working with them behind the scenes and we’re very happy to be publicly associated with such a successful, modern and fast growing group.” said Tom.

The addition of Wodonga to the OBrien network further cements the group commitment to supporting and serving Regional markets, and compliments their recent opening in Wangaratta.

The team members behind the Wodonga family are as follows from left to right: 

  • Tom Sanderson: Director & OIEC  0413 842 442
  • Margy Meehan: Director  0419 972 735
  • Vanessa Meehan: Director 0437 179 714

    OBrien Real Estate – Wodonga
    Shop 2, 137 High St Wodonga Vic 3690.

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