Spring Cleaning: Declutter Your Home in 8 Pain-Free Steps

Love it or hate it, it is time to clean. Some find it therapeutic while others put it off as long as hygienically possible. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, spring is the one season we all must come together and clean. One of the simplest and most effective ways to begin, is by decluttering your home. More space means feeling more organised, and this in turn leaves room for more fun–yes, please! You’ll thank yourself afterwards, but for now, just start.

Keep reading to learn our eight steps to decluttering.

Put your walls to use

Short on cupboards? It’s time to make good use of your blank walls. Pull out your finest–or favourite–china, glassware and porcelain, and put it on display by attaching free-standing shelves on the walls. The best part? It creates an instant art installation–win, win.

All-of-a-kind drawer

This is ideal for those where-are-they-when-you-need-them items that you end up re-buying. And then finding. Never look high and low for batteries, sticky tape, scissors or permanent markers again.

Embrace the divider

Adding dividers to top drawers throughout your home–your bedside table, the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity–will create tidy hubs for all of those loose, miscellaneous items (think stationary, remotes and beauty tools) and most importantly, keep your surfaces clutter-free.

Prune the pile

Save only the last two or three issues of your favourite magazines and create a tear sheet folder to house the articles you will refer to later. Be ruthless! Because when was the last time you flicked through an issue from three years ago?

Secret storage

Invest in a hollow ottoman or trunk (which can also act as a coffee table) to maximise your space and get smart about storage. Two-in-one has never looked so good.

Group ‘Em up

Corral smaller items such as candles, vases and ornaments onto a tray to simplify the space and make for easy relocation when extra room is required. This will also create a statement piece it itself. So stylish.

Cull, Cull, and Cull again

The key to a clutter-free house is to reduce the amount of things you hold onto, and then for the things you do keep, have effective storage solutions in place. When culling, sort your items into categories–be it books, clothes or home accessories–and from there, decide whether it needs to be: thrown out, sold, donated to charity, put back where it came from, or stored elsewhere.

Parade your pots

Bulky pots and pans can quickly consume the majority of your valuable kitchen space so don’t be afraid to pop them on display. I mean, they’re often expensive enough! Hang on s-hooks on a suspended rack either behind your stove top or above the island if you have one.