Creating Bedrooms and Bathrooms in Hamptons Style

Hamptons style bathrooms bedrooms

What is the Hamptons style?

Typically a Hamptons styled interior is bright, light and white. It is a combination of sophistication combined with a coastal beach spirit and soul. The intent of this type of styling is to give the tenant or guest a relaxing and calming feeling.

Over the past few years, the Hamptons style of homes has become incorporated into the design of Australian homes. This is in part due to their laid back, fresh feel and summery vibe.

The interior of the Hampton interiors are roomy and spacious and give the impression you are in a holiday home at the beach. They are great entertaining homes. You could say the Hamptons design is the Americans version of the French inspired Baroque style.

Hamptons Style Bathroom

Hamptons style bathroom
Hamptons-style bathrooms are a neutral colour such as white, grey or black and white. Hampton’s bathrooms are classic, elegant and timeless. With the addition of coloured towels and bathroom accessories, a new look can be achieved.

  • Subway Tiles – These are generally white or marble.
  • Marble – Marble or natural stone is used for tiling, countertops or both. Marble tiles can be applied in various shapes such as hexagonal, basketweave and herringbone.
  • Vanity – A Hamptons-style vanity is usually custom-built with a shaker style profile on the doors and drawers. Cabinet knobs or pulls are more often chrome or nickel-plated.
  • Sconce Lighting – Sconce lights are usually mounted on either side of the mirror or on the mirror itself.
  • Wall Panelling – Walls, or sections of, can be panelled or sometimes wallpapered.
  • Neutral Colours – Hamptons-style bathrooms are a neutral colour such as white, grey or black and white.
  • Tapware – Tapware is generally chrome or nickel-plated and traditional in style.

Walls, or sections of, are often panelled or sometimes wallpapered.  The bath is sometimes set in the middle of the bathroom and clad in marble. Or, it is set aside to one corner on 4 feet.

Hamptons Style Bedroom

Hamptons style bedrooms bedrooms
In a Hampton’s style bedroom, you will need lots of layers of linen and cotton plus quite a few pillows. The room itself will be dominated by white ceilings and walls or light pastel shades of blue. The bedhead will be a padded crisscrossed pattern. At the end of the bed will be a flat cushioned 2 seater. On the walls, you can add some small simple wall no frame hangings of shells. A beige coloured carpet will cover your floor. In a corner, there can be a small armchair with a cushion. The room will also have an open walk-in robe. The room will also have one or two small leafy green plants. Hanging from the ceiling will be a small yet imposing chandelier.

These bedrooms are designed to be minimalistic in a way but give the feel of cosy comfort and space.

  • The Bed – A large bed and upholstered bedhead with ocean views where possible.
  • Textiles – Lots of layers of linen and cotton. White in all its shades and perhaps some blue tones
  • Lighting – Combine directional lighting, bedside lamps or a statement chandelier
  • Wall Art – Frameless paintings or prints of seashells in pastel colours
  • Furnishings – Small armchairs and end of bed seating
  • Flooring – Light coloured woollen carpet or a large woollen floor mat
  • Balcony Doors – Double opening venetian styled doors

Creating A Kitchen To Suit Your Lifestyle & Personality

Kitchens for entertainers

What type of kitchen will suit your lifestyle?

The kitchen is an integral part of any house or apartment. It doesn’t matter if you are single, living with friends, have a partner or a family the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home. The majority of houses and units these days are generally open plan that combines the kitchen with the living room.

Your lifestyle will play a large part in the setup of your kitchen that reflects your personality. Some of us eat out regularly and prefer a simple and efficient kitchen space. Then there are others who love to entertain and want all the appliances on hand in preparing for their feasts.

Breakfast Counter Tops

The one meal that is routine is breakfast and this should be at the top of your list if you are designing or redesigning your kitchen. Your breakfast counter, bar or eating island is where most people gather each morning. Some want to engage vocally with other attendees and some want to catch up with the latest news and sports via their mobile devices. So, including a few power points would seem like a good idea.
A good idea is also having the height of your breakfast a little higher than the average table height. Add some stools that swivel, a plant or two, some recipe books and some fruit. Some handy appliances would include a toaster, juicer and coffee maker. Depending on your space you could add a sink into your counter that also houses the dishwasher. Having all these items at hand gives people more independence to serve themselves. When I talk about people I mean the kids. They have no excuse to prepare their own breakfast and tidy up after they have finished.

Entertainers kitchen setup

Entertainer Lover

If you are the type that loves to have guests around for brunches or main meals then an open plan kitchen that leads to an outdoor patio is the best solution. Also, you will need plenty of space and furniture to seat everyone. A large wide benchtop is also a good idea for people to gather around and rest their plates and glasses. Incorporate easy-to-clean surfaces, a warming drawer, a set of good speakers and some mood lighting. If you can having a walk-in pantry will help you a lot and a large fridge and freezer. And to top off all your appliances use a double oven and dishwasher. A second sink will also help solve some cleaning issues. To finish off your entertainer’s kitchen a drinks station would be a great addition.


If cooking is your passion and inviting guests to eat then you will never be short of appliances that will help you. Similar to the “entertainer lover” we recommend a double oven, two sinks with a hose tap and a large fridge and freezer. These are essential. The layout should have a flow that incorporates food preparation to cooking and eventually cleaning. A good idea is to visit some restaurants and ask the chefs how their ideal kitchen would look.

You will also need cutting boards with a sharp set of knives as you don’t want to be cutting and carving on your benchtop. But we think the most essential appliance of all is having a gas stove and oven. With gas you can use all types of cookware and gas responds rapidly to heat increase and decrease. Finally, it looks good when a boiling pot is cooking over it.

Kitchen Tidy Tina

Kitchen tidy
Cupboard space is what you require if you are a bit of a neat freak. Most tidy people as also minimalists so having lots of cupboards and drawers are a must.m Inside your cupboard space you will want to compartmentalise your items. This can be for food, pots and pans, spices, crockery and so on.

There are so many space-saving ideas out there. Just type in Google “kitchen space savers” and you will literally see thousands of useful image ideas. We particularly like the soap and cleaners in front of the sink. This is generally a small space that is never used but someone clever thought to make use of this space and incorporate a neat cleaner housing.

DIY Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen makeover

Budget Kitchen Makeovers Without Breaking The Bank

Do you have a limited amount of money set aside for renovating your kitchen? Or, are you limited to how much you can afford to spruce up your kitchen? We have listed some cheap and effective ways you for your DIY makeover kitchen.

Stick to the existing kitchen layout
Keep your original design and avoid redirecting water and/or gas piping and electrical outlets. This will save you a lot of money and you will be able to complete the project by yourself.

The most effective and cheapest way to bring new life to any room is by painting it. A fresh coat of paint will rejuvenate the kitchen instantly.

Cupboards, drawers and benchtops are what dominate most kitchen spaces. Did you know you can paint over your laminated surfaces? With a little bit of preparation and the right tools and paints, you can completely modernise all the cupboards and benchtops. You can even change all the handles. It’s not as difficult as it may seem to achieve a flawless finish where you wouldn’t know that the cabinets are painted. Watch this video on DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets.

Pinting cupboards

Preparation Will Save You Time and Money

The most important step when painting your kitchen is planning and preparation.

What is your kitchen made of? Is it solid wood, laminate, or something else? Has it been previously painted? All the choices you make will depend on what your kitchen is made of and what condition it’s in. Before starting to do any painting or sanding give your cupboards a very thorough clean. Always use sugar soap for cleaning cupboards and walls you are going to paint as it’s really good at removing all grime and grease which can build up in a kitchen. Once you have achieved clean surfaces commence sanding them down. Sanding will remove and rough areas and also provide a great surface for your paint to adhere to.


Benchtops are not that expensive when you consider how much difference they can make to a kitchen. You can measure out your existing benchtop size and send the dimensions to a benchtop manufacturer and they will make and deliver your new top. Or, you can resurface your existing benchtop. There are some amazing techniques out there that will show you how to rejuvenate an existing bench or tabletop. Let your imagination run will with DIY epoxy countertops.

Taps and Sink

You may be thinking of replacing your existing sink and tap sets. Before you do take to them with a good abrasive cleaner. You might be surprised how new they can look with a good scrubbing.

Replace Existing Powerpoint Covers and Lighting

Now that you have painted your kitchen you can replace the old electrical covers and lights if you want. This is not expensive and can bring your “new” kitchen into the 21st century.

What Is Trending In Interior Design

Grand millennial interior design

Looking Ahead to 2021 for Interior Design Trends

As we know interior design is like clothes fashion it is always changing. The Block’s Neale Whitaker takes the approach that there are 2 types of interior design. They are micro and macro. Neale said …”I approach trends as macro and micro. Macro trends are those around for extended periods of time, with no view of going anywhere anytime soon, like sustainability. Alternatively, micro trends are more like shapes and styles – the things that come and go more quickly”.

Continuing on Mr Whitaker said that “Bricolage – the mixing of styles and eras, shapes and textures for truly unique interiors – would fall under a micro trend, as would other current themes like artisan-made, natural fibres including rattan, jute and wicker, and global-nomad with influences of the Middle East and Asia.”

This all makes sense as people have had more time on their hands and inevitably their creative juices take over. So, how has the current pandemic shifted peoples thoughts on interior design?

DIYers Unlocked
Bricolage interior design
The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has been the perfect storm for home “do it yourselfers”. It has unlocked the creative side of people and from this, we have seen a shift in peoples taste and how they go about shopping. The colours people want to work and live with have become brighter and more cheerful. Textures have become natural and softer. Handicrafts are booming as people want to use their hands more and create items for their home.

Old fashioned skills such as macrame, knitting and quilting are back on the to-do list. You can also add ceramics and tie-dying as trends that have found life again.

Grandmillennials Interior Design

So you thought the tech-savvy millennial generation were only interested in social media and the latest gadgets. There is a trend that has evolved called Grandmillennial or Granny Chic. Put simply it is a modern version of traditional English country style. This style is not for minimalists. The millennials have become bored with the same white on white spaces. This trend is the complete opposite of Scandinavian minimalist interiors. Our posh granny stylists are into clutter, wallpaper, prints and colours.

The Lipstick Effect

As social distancing and isolation has encroached on our lifestyle women have found there is no need for lipstick and other such luxuries. The “Lipstick Effect” has seen that money being spent on home items such as candles, linen, soaps and crafts. These small purchases have made the home brighter and uplifted the environment.

Buying Locally

People are looking to shop locally and avoid delays in shipping for items they may have otherwise purchased overseas. There has been an upsurge in locally made and crafted pieces.

Shipping Container Home Office and Studio

Home shipping container office

Add Property Value With a Backyard Office Shipping Container

During COVID-19 some businesses have had to rely on employees working from home. This has led to an upsell in home office furniture and electronics as people try to replicate their work environment. Generally, a small room was allocated in the home where you could do some work effectively if you had to. Now we are seeing a strong interest in backyard offices being created. In particular shipping container offices. These type of offices have been around for a long time. Go on any major construction site and you will see a portable office. They usually look a little drab and run down.

Fast forward to the pandemic era and you will find shipping container offices that are being architecturally designed that include a bathroom and a small kitchen. Depending on your budget and needs the scope of design is limitless. You can fix the shipping container office to your plumbing and electrical outlets. Or, you can make the office portable. This is a relatively cheap way to add value to your home.

20-foot Shipping Container Office

Container home office
The 20FT container cabin is the most cost-effective portable building to transport in the world. Using a shipping container means you can transport by road, rail and ship. Shipping a 20FT container from Brisbane to Melbourne is about $540.00. To get an idea on the types of shipping container designs there are the Australian owned Container Build Group has multiple styles from granny flats, pop up shops, commercial and luxury homes. If you want to be creative you can engage an architect to design the interior to suit your needs.

Work From Home Expenses and Tax Breaks

Shipping container home officeThe Australian Tax Office offers tax breaks to employees who work from home. These can be additional running expenses such as electricity, the decline in value of equipment or furniture and phone and internet expenses. The ATO website provides information and tools for such as a Home office expenses calculator.

Building Permits For Backyard Office

Each state in Australia has there own set of rules when it comes to adding a structure on your property. Some people refer to these structures as backyard pods which are used as sheds, granny flats or offices. It can depend on the usage of the building being habitable or non-habitable. If the building is within 1m of the boundary title, a re-establishment survey is required for works along existing boundaries. It is advisable to keep 1m off the fence for ease of erection and fire rating requirements.

This is open to interpretation however, you would be wise to seek out your local council rulings and definitions as to what type of structure requires or does not require a permit.

Shipping Container Home Office Designs

Shipping container home offices

Shipping container offices

Shipping container portable home office

Shipping container home office designs

3 Simple DIY Projects

DIY home projects

Easy and practical do it yourself home projects

We have come up with 3 DIY projects for your home that are simple and easy. DIY is not as difficult as you think. There is a load of information on the internet which can help you practically do anything you want. But for this article, we will keep it simple and cost-effective.

So, to begin we thought the most practical idea was to create a calendar of events board.

1. Calendar Board

DIY calendar chip boardThis is quite a simple and cheap project. You only need a few items and you can create a monthly to-do list.

  • Chipboard with frame. The chipboard enables you to embed pins easily
  • Drawing pins. These can be purchased in multiple colours and are made of metal of plastic.
  • A Texta to write your project details
  • 35 blank cards about the size of a business card. Better if they are enamel coated so you can reuse them

2. Recycle Old Tablet Bottles
Redorating tablet bottles
Do you have any old pill or tablet bottles lying around in the bathroom or medicine cabinet? Why not recycle them and create a store for pins or jewellery. All you need is a little paint and some stickers or cutout pictures. Or you can use your imagination and decorate the bottle any way you like.

3. Upside Down Tomatoes
Upside down hanging tomato plants
Here is a simple and novel way of growing tomatoes. Grow them upside down! Some say you will generate more tomatoes than growing them the conventional way.

You can buy the seedlings and grow the tomatoes yourself before you transfer them to a pot. Or, you can buy a small established tomato plant for a few dollars from Bunnings.

Decluttering What To Keep What To Throw

Keep vs throw household items

Is it time for a spring clean?

As winter moves forward now is the time to prepare to declutter your home. Create a Spring clean checklist. Start by going through each room including your garage and shed if you have one. If you want you can break down your list to –

  • What to keep
  • What to throw
  • What to sell
  • What to donate

Decluttering your home

You may have items that have a value and can be sold on eBay or Gumtree. Some of your items may have no use to anyone and are better off sent to the tip. And, some items you may wish to donate to charity organisations such as the Red Cross. A good idea is to invite a friend who can help you decide what to throw. This friend will not have an emotional attachment to some of those items you have held onto for years. If you are married or have a partner then a good idea would be to invite another couple to your home. Get the male to team up with the female and go through the home independently. This will eliminate a lot of bias as to what you should keep.

Once you have created your list then you can determine what to do with all your unwanted items. If you have decided what you want to throw then you can either call a professional rubbish removalist, take it to the tip or contact your local council for removal.

Local Hard Rubbish Collection

Each council is different and comes with its own set of rules and timetables when it comes to the collection of hard rubbish. If this is the path you are going down then organize your rubbish in neat piles for ease of removal. Check with your council on the date for pick up and if there are any fees attached. Also, find out what type of items are unacceptable to the council. Alternatively, you may want to remove all the rubbish yourself and go to the tip.

What can you donate?
Generally, charitable organisations accept clothing, books, furniture, homewares and household goods if they are in working order. There are multiple Red Cross stores located in cities throughout Australia. By donating items you are helping those that may be less fortunate.

What to sell?
Generally, the best things to sell are the items you have more than 2 of. If you have items such as TV’s, computers or furniture and would need some extra cash then a good idea would be to use an online selling portal such as eBay or Gumtree. You can even go onto Facebook and see if there are local communities or buy, swap or sell pages in your area.

Realise The Benefits of Decluttering
For a lot of people, less is best. Owning fewer possessions means fewer problems. The more you have the more problems you have. But taking that step to removing those possessions can be difficult. So, let’s start with some advantages.

Less to clean. Cleaning is a task that has to be done. Cleaning unwanted items makes that task take a little longer. Especially if those items have no use.

Less to organize. When you have fewer items in your home it is easier to find things. You have more space and can move much more freely. You can actually move around your home and enjoy the space, instead of moving around things that are in the way.

Less stress. Having a home that is free of clutter gives the occupants a better feeling. Seeing and living with all that clutter every day can become a little annoying. Take the step and free yourself from all the clutter and enjoy your home.

6 Great Outdoor Firepits


6 Awesome Firepits For Your Backyard

The Aussie bush TV is alive and well.

Add a warm feeling to your patio or decking. There are multiple designs and ideas to choose from if you are contemplating purchasing a firepit. There is something about an open fire that people "warm" too. They are great for outdoor gatherings and they enhance the value of any property.

Not all firepits are designed to burn wood. You can also use gas bottles to power your outdoor fire or even pipe a line from your existing gas supply.

Curved Concrete Firepit Bowl

This elegant bowl illuminates even the most average outdoor space.

Concrete fire bowls are very durable. You can either physically create your fire or use gas to run the fireplace. Either way, you will have an elegant appliance in your yard. Sit back and enjoy the flames while you stare at the stars.

Outdoor curved firepit

Stainless Steel Bonfire Pit

This is a minimalist designed stainless steel design firepit specifically engineered to minimize smoke. This portable firepit weighs only 9 kilograms and comes with a carrying case so you can bring just about anywhere too. Stainless steel fire pits can be pricey but they are rain and rust-resistant and also easy to clean.

Outdoor bonfire

DIY Firepit

Stack curved paving stones that require no mortar. You can add this to your patio, decking or patio to create a bonfire spot in just 30 minutes. However, you want to make sure the base is protected. You don't want to burn through your deck.

Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table

If you rather go the propane route, try this weather-resistant table made with extruded aluminium features and an adjustable burner. Create an astonishing yet soothing indoor or outdoor atmosphere with the help of an ethanol fire table. Fireplace tables are a truly remarkable portable heat source. so, if you move house you can take it with you.

LPG Gas Powered Firepit

You can directly connect your gas provider system to your outdoor firepit. Or, you can connect an LPG gas bottle to the fireplace. Either way, you will have a great centrepiece for your outdoor patio or backyard. The advantage of gas is you can regulate the amount of heat the firepit distributes. Plus they are easy to light and maintain.

Gas powered firepits

Moons and Stars

Cut-out star and moon shapes turn flickering flames into a cosmic campfire. These steel constructions can also come with a cooking grate, spark screen, and poker for hassle-free roasting. This type of firepit is a visual delight. They are also portable.

Outdoor fireplace

OBrien Real Estate creates a first in online auctions.

On Saturday May 2, OBrien Real Estate took innovation and professionalism to new heights for online auctions.  The group used a television studio and production to stream its 9 online auctions from the studio’s of Crocmedia at South Melbourne.

The real estate service and production named “OBrien Auction TV” was streamed live on facebook from 11am. Crocmedia host on the day was David Kennedy along with Corporate Director Darren Hutchins alongside him at the news desk with special comments. The auctioneer on the day of all 9 auctions was Corporate Director Stavros Ambatzidis.

The Auction List & Order on the day:

10 Hewitt St, Cranbourne East
3 Tundra Way, Keysborough
12 Arnold Dve, Chelsea
Bridges Ave, Edithvale
117 Oakwood Ave, Noble Park Nth
2/17 Church Rd, Carrum
3 Bavadia Plc, Keysborough
2/1 East Crt, Keysborough
28 Callistemon Ave, Keysborough

Bidding Summary Stats:

Total Bids: 53
Average Bids per Auction: 9
Average Run-Time per Auction: 5.5 minutes
Out of our 9 Auctions: 3 Sold, 3 Under Offer, 2 Strong Interest.

For YouTube Highlights Reel CLICK HERE

6 Easy Ways To Add Instant Value To Your Home Part 6

Garden home value

Part 6 – Invest Some Time In Gardening

Landscaping and gardening can add tens of thousands of dollars to your property. Unlike other kinds of home improvements, it not only adds instant value, but it is also the gift that keeps on giving. A carefully thought-out garden will literally add more value year on year as trees mature and provide those much sought after qualities like shade, privacy and screening. Spend some time on simple things like weeding, planting new flowers and shrubs, and if need be, new turf.
A neglected garden can lower your home’s value by somewhere between 5-15%. While taking your gardening efforts from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ can add up to 6-7% in value to your home.

Growing veggies in pots and containers

Do you want to grow vegetables but your property lacks space? One way of adding life to a backyard, balcony, patio or rooftop is to grow vegetables in pots or containers. Container gardening is not as difficult as you might imagine.

Containers give you the freedom to control the environment in which your plants are growing.


Vegetable container gardening

Start with pots. The bigger the pot the better

  • Larger pots will need a little space and will have room for the roots to grow. Also, the advantage of a large pot over a smaller pot is that they will hold water better. And with a bigger container, you can grow more varieties.
  • If you can use barrels, tubs, buckets, boxes and other tubs and troughs then this is the preferred method. Make sure you have holes in the bottom so the water can runoff.

Maintenance Tips for Container Gardening with Vegetables

  • While clay pots may look more attractive than plastic pots, plastic pots retain moisture better. And they won’t dry out as fast as unglazed terra-cotta ones. If you are determined to use clay pots then why not put a plastic pot inside.
  • Black pots are a good idea as they attract and absorb heat from the sun.
  • The majority of plants will need watering two times a day. During summer insert the smaller pot into a larger pot and fill in space with moss or newspaper. When you water the plant include the space between the pots.
  • Hanging baskets make an effective decoration and are great space savers. You can grow herbs, cherry tomatoes and strawberries at eye level.
  • To improve draining add about 25mm of gravel at the base of the pot.
  • Every fortnight give the plants some liquid fertilizer.
  • Apply some compost to add trace elements to container soil.
  • Putting plants where they will receive the best sunlight is ideal. Also, make sure the area has good ventilation. Keep an eye out for insects that can cause harm to your plant.
  • Prepare yourself a calendar and circle the dates for routine tasks.


Window boxes are great for growing edible flowers. If you choose a window box fill it with a soilless mix. Don’t take soil from your garden as it is likely to contain unwanted insects and the soil is very heavy. You can grow marigolds and other related edible flowers. Most vegetables and plants need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.

Keep up the moisture and add organic ingredients like fish emulsion or manure. Even liquid seaweed is a good option.


If you are growing vegetables that climb then adding supports is a must. Climbing plants can have a variety of supports such as stakes, netting, trellis or cages.

Insert your supports at the same time as you plant.

Plan your vegetable layout first. Plants that climb are ideal for plants that grow low. The climbers can climb up a trellis, whilst the low growers spread at the base. This is a good arrangement as you will reduce the space for weeds to grow.

Mix quick-maturing plants, such as lettuce or radishes, with longer-growing ones, like tomatoes or broccoli.

Group plants with similar needs for sun and water, such as pole beans, radishes, and lettuce; cucumber, bush beans, and beets, tomatoes, basil, and onions, and peas and carrots.

Here is a list of 10 herbs to grow together in a container.


Below is a shortlist of vegetables that are container friendly and which container types are most suitable for each vegie.

Beans, snap
Container: 20-litre window box
Varieties: Bush Blue Lake, Bush Romano, Tender Crop

Container: 1 plant =20-litre pot, 3 plants = 60-litre tub
Varieties: DeCicco, Green Comet

Container: 20-litre window box at least 30cm deep
Varieties: Danvers Half Long, Short ‘n Sweet, Tiny Sweet

Container: 1 plant = 4-litre pot
Varieties: ‘Patio Pik’, ‘Pot Luck’, ‘Spacemaster’

Container: 20-litre pot
Varieties: Black Beauty, Ichiban, Slim Jim

Container: 20-litre window box
Varieties: Ruby, Salad Bowl

Container: 20-litre window box
Varieties: ‘White Sweet Spanish’, ‘Yellow Sweet Spanish’

Container: 1 plant = 7-litre pot, 5 plants = 60-litre tub
Varieties: Cayenne, Long Red, Sweet Banana, Wonder, Yolo

Container: 20-litre window box
Varieties: Cherry Belle, Icicle

Container: Bushel basket
Varieties: Early Girl, Patio, Small Fry, Sweet 100, Tiny Tim


Our 6 Part Series Index: –

Thinking of Selling? In this climate, the agent you chose is more important than ever.

If you’re looking to sell your home, our agents will be able to advise you on what areas of your home you should focus on before listing your property for sale.