How to Create a Kids Backyard

Childs backyard

Great Ideas for Children’s Backyards

The average city-suburban block has gotten smaller over the years. Gone are the days of the quarter-acre block. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average size home has three bedrooms and the land measures 474 square metres. There are 6 million families in Australia. Families with children under the age of 15 represent 30.64% of this number. With this in mind, it would make sense to utilise the outdoor space you have that can accommodate all the family. If you want your children playing outside then create a space that will exercise both their mind and body. Here are some ideas on how to entertain your children and also make it inviting for their friends to come over and play.

Childrens backyard ideas
Building a sandpit is a simple task. All you need is a border and then you can fill it with sand. The ideal setting would be in the corner of the backyard or up against the fence. Introduce some shovels, rakes, buckets and assorted toys. Children love playing in the sand. They can sit there for hours and are easily entertained especially if they have a friend or sibling with them. If you really want to get creative you can add in some pvc pipes that they can talk through.

Chalk Board
Attach your chalkboard above the sandpit. Purchase some stencils and chalk in a variety of colour and let your child’s imagination grow. We would also suggest you create a cover for your sandpit.
Spider web swing
Spider Web Swings
If possible hang a spider web swing or nest swing from a tree branch or you can purchase this item that stands freely. The spider web swing has no hard edges and can hold more than one child. It is also comfortable and can act as a hammock.

Climbing Wall and Slide
The climbing wall coupled with a slide is a great way for your children to develop physically. Having a netted wall to climb that rewards the child with a slide once they reach the summit is a great idea.

Basketball Ring
Basketball is excellent for deloping hand to eye co-ordination. You can attach the ring to your climbing wall and as they grow you can increase the height.
Climbing wall and slide
These are 5 simple ideas that don’t require a large expense and don’t require much space. They will serve to add hours of entertainment and at the same time provide fitness whilst stimulating the child’s brain.

Present Your Home For Sale

Preparing your house for sale Keeki

Selling your home but where to start?

We know that putting your property on the market can be a very stressful time. With so much going on, it may be overwhelming to think about the physical changes your home needs. However, when selling a home, a few minor touch-ups can make a huge difference and go a long way towards making a favourable impression on potential buyers. Let us tell you the few small things you can do to achieve an amazing result.

Prepare your home for sale Keeki

Boosting Your Curb Appeal
While you may focus on perfecting the look of your properties’ interior, the first thing buyers see will be its exterior. A good first impression is essential when selling your property as many potential buyers are likely to be put off by a poorly maintained front garden.
Exterior home presentation

Quick Tips:

  • Mow the grass, trim the hedges
  • Add fresh mulch to the garden beds
  • Trim any overgrown bushes or trees
  • Clean driveways and paths
  • Remove cobwebs and weeds in the guttering
  • Ensure the paths and driveway are clear

Simply adding a row of potted flowers to your front yard brings light and colour to the property and makes the property feel more like a home that the buyer can envision themselves in. Make sure your homes’ exterior looks as beautiful as the inside – curb appeal is important, and you want to maximise this to attract potential buyers.

Be prepared to invest a little bit of your time into ensuring that your property is clean and fresh. To ensure the best possible first impression; dust benches and furniture, polish appliances and tap wear, vacuum and steam clean carpets, steam and clean the grout of your flooring. Pull back the curtains, clean the windows and let the light in. Your buyers will be drawn to a bright, fresh feel.

Preparing your home for sale

Freshen Up

While brightly coloured walls may be appealing to you, they do not appeal to everyone. Having neutral coloured walls will appeal to a wider range of buyers and allows potential buyers to imagine what they could do with space without any restrictions. A fresh coat of paint also adds to the feel of fresh and cleanliness that buyer’s desire.

Quick Tips:

  • Repair cracks or holes in walls
  • Replace any globes that aren’t working and replace with warm tone globes
  • Remove broken fly screens
  • Replace any mouldy seals in the kitchen or bathroom

Depersonalise and Declutter

Every person who walks through your door will have a different opinion and preference for décor, so our best advice is to keep it simple. You don’t want to detract from your homes’ gorgeous features, so if you’re not using it, store it. Takedown your personal touches and photos, it’s time for the buyer to envisage their life and family in this home. Remove personal items from bathrooms and all the decorations from the fridge. It’s also important for your buyers to see clever use of space. Maximise every inch of your asset.

Declutter your home for sale Keeki

You want your rooms to feel open and inviting, if the room feels cramped it will look smaller than it is. Take away an armchair or glass cabinets that are not needed as this will make a big difference. keekï’s in-house stylists are experts and know what will help you achieve the best result and we can ensure your property creates an emotional connection for your buyers. From styling an empty home, through to adding elements to an existing property … furnishing your property with on-trend furniture and homewares will deliver results. Along with our full property styling service, keekï Property Styling also offers Pre-sale consultations that are best suited for if you need advice on presenting your property to market. This service would help you if you have lived in your property for many years and need that extra advice on how to maximise your sale price and present your home in the best possible light for photos and open inspections. keekï consultations give you a starting point and a clear plan on what you can do yourself to prepare your property for sale. This service involves walking through your property room by room and giving you the confidence to prepare for the sale.

A 1-hour consultation fee is $150.00 and if you would like further assistance to pull it together, we offer flexible, hands-on Styling Service charged at an hourly rate of $150.00 per hour, giving you the flexibility to decide how much or how little assistance you require. Transform your properties into a beautiful, marketable home ready for sale, rent or display.
Book your consultation today Keeki home styling and design.

5 Reasons Why Property Styling is a Must

Why using a property stylist will increase the value of your home

Selling a home is hard – but let’s be honest, can you really afford not to do everything you can to present your home in the best possible light in this competitive market.  

Finding the right agent, having beautiful photography and of course presenting your property in its best light, are key ingredients to achieving the ultimate goal – which of course is maximising the price you can get for your asset! 

There is no doubt that properties need to present beautifully in print, online and design. Ticking these boxes will achieve the best price in the shortest possible time when potential buyers go through the property.

Keeki property styling understands the importance of making a good first impression on prospective buyers. But for those of you still in doubt, here are 5 really good reasons to make sure your property is styled.
5 reasons to use a home stylist
Maximise the selling price – 

Never underestimate the power of property styling.  Setting up your home in its best light is the strongest and most effective way to entice a buyer into first of all viewing your property and then, of course, committing to an offer.  

The way your property is presented encourages the emotions of your buyer and a professional, experienced property stylist will make this happen.  Your stylist should have experience in your market and an understanding of the real estate requirements. They will consider the perfect furniture, the right placement, the perfect artwork and accessories to showcase your home perfectly, showing the true potential of your home.  

Entice the maximum number of buyers to your property

We often hear that the perfect agent with the perfect property is enough to get the buyers to your home when selling. The reality is that there is only one thing that is going to get your buyers through the door and that’s your online photos. 

Does your property stand out from your competitors, does it scream come and visit me, you are going to love me! It’s amazing what an experienced stylist can do with space. You may love your oversized, comfy brown couch but an on-trend neutral-toned sofa setting could allow your buyer to see the space in its best light and functionality. Artwork, furniture and homewares add texture and the wow factor that appeals to buyers. 

Vendors unfamiliar with the success of property styling run the risk of undermining their sale price. A property with the wrong furniture can look small. Even an amazing architectural superior property will not be showcased in its best light without the right furniture and accessories. 

Buyers need to see functional spaces, they need to know a sofa and their TV are going to fit and how to eradicate the guesswork for them. They shouldn’t have a guess if their king bed will fit. 

5 reasons for using home styling

Keep your property listing fresh and current 

Styling your home for sale at the beginning of a campaign is the best way to ensure a successful sale.  

A property that sits on the market will result in a lower selling price and a reduction in genuine buyers. Your buyers will know how long a property is on the market and will remember how it was first presented.

Don’t wait until your property does not sell before you realise the importance of styling your property. A professional property stylist can set the right impression in your buyer’s mind from the very beginning of your sale campaign.

Recognise the potential of your property

I can’t tell you how many times we have had to ‘encourage’ an agent and our vendors to set up a room in a specific way. There are many advantages of working with a property stylist – they see the property to its best advantage. They know the real estate market and the demographics you are marketing to. Our stylists can advise showcasing your property in the best light because many buyers are unable to visualise its full worth or see past what’s there. Sometimes changing a room to an extra bedroom, or second living space can add up to $60k onto the price of your property or even be the deal breaker. 

A stylist can transform your junk room into an extra bedroom. Property styling is a guaranteed way to ensure you are presenting your home to the market to its full potential and maximising the aesthetic appeal. Keeki has proven results that fetch in excess of up to 10 times the cost of the styling investment. 

Home styling

Take the stress out of Selling

Along with your agent, your property stylist is completely invested in making sure that you achieve the best possible results for the sale of your property. Achieving the highest sale price and selling in the quickest time is always at the forefront of our styling.   

Property styling will take the stress out of setting up your home for sale. Let’s be honest, knowing the colours to use, what to keep in the home and what to move to storage can be overwhelming. Your stylist will assist with helpful advice on what needs to be done before your buyers are presented with your property. They will understand spatial planning and elevate interest through quality furniture and homewares that suits your home. A vendor does not need this added stress with everything else that comes with selling a home.

To find out more click on the link and go to the knowledge base of Keeki property styling as they understand what it takes to sell a home and sell it fast. 


Making a Great First Impression with Your Entrance Hallway

Entrance Hallway

Impress With Your Entrance Hallway

First impression entrance hallway
For many, an entryway is nothing more but a small room to greet guests and store shoes and jackets. Its functionality has become dominant and the potential for style and design forgotten. However small this space may be, it still is the first thing your guests experience when they enter your home. And there are no second chances to make a first impression. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which you can transform your hallway into a stylish and memorable space.

There’s no reason you can’t be both practical and fashionable at the same time. An entryway is rarely a well-lit area, which gives you a great opportunity for some elegant lighting. While you should always strive towards having sufficient light, that doesn’t mean it needs to be as bright as possible all the time. Opt for a layered lighting system and combine natural light with a hanging bulb or pendant lights, lamps or spotlights. A great lighting piece can add much to the aesthetic aspect of your home.

Having a hallway mirror comes as a natural choice. You’ll always want to have that last glance at yourself before you step out. Choosing a mirror really lets you show your creativity. Whatever the size may be, a magnificent frame will truly make it a piece of art. A large mirror will be the focal point, and a small one will add accent. A great decision either way.

On the one hand, there is much you can do to add that touch of amazing to this small part of your home, yet sometimes, it is really too small to allow either functionality or style. This is the point when you should consider making it wider – removing or repositioning the walls to get that much needed extra space. Not only will you finally have that storage room you were craving, but you will also literally make room for creativity. Furthermore, any investment in the improvement of your home will ultimately pay off once you decide to sell. Indeed, in a recent study, 89% of Australians believe that renovations will increase the value of their property, so it’s a practical and strategic move.

Functional furniture
Once you get the desired size, it’s time to talk furniture. Storage is still a priority, so look for multifunctional space-saving pieces that complement the rest of your home. There is also the option of having wall hanging pieces which will allow for some additional space. You and your guests will definitely find it more comfortable to actually sit down to get in or out of your shoes, thus a bench is a way to go.
You can definitely never have too much coat storage. There is an array of stunning wall hook designs that were made to impress, which can come with a small shelf on top so you can store smaller items.
Drawers are a lifesaver when it comes to practicality. They can be part of an elegant piece of furniture with a tabletop to hold a lamp or a decorative item. But what they hold inside is nobody’s business but your own. When you storm into the house after a long day, you’re free to empty your pockets into it. Always pretty on the outside, the mess inside always stays secret.

The colour scheme of such a small space speaks volumes about your taste. Choose a rug that really pops and adds a vibrant touch to the whole space. It’ll draw attention to the floor as well as emphasize the length of the entryway.
The least expensive, yet the most effective way to update any room is paint. If you lack natural light and your hallway is small, choosing the right paint will make it appear wider and brighter. Another way to light up your walls is wallpaper. They have the power to create an illusion of space and display bold prints that will add a dimension of grace to your hall. It needs to respect the architecture, but also reflect the homeowner’s preferences.
If you have enough space left on your walls, and the décor allows it, why not design your own art gallery? It is a great place to display a collection of art and photos that are meaningful to you and your family. It is firstly there for your eyes, but your guests will appreciate the personal touch.

Greenery and flowers
Let’s not forget about greenery. Add some life by grouping potted plants at different heights or add a large bouquet of flowers into space. Interesting tall floor plants like cacti and large palms will surely make a statement.

Do not underestimate your entrance hallway. This small space can do wonders for the overall appeal of your home.

Author ~ Bethany Seton

5 Fun Furnishing Items For Your Home

5 home furnishing ideas

Fun and novel household items
Rechargeable Pebble light
This Pebble Light is a minimalist decorative feature inspired by contemporary east-Asian style. It looks good even when it isn’t glowing in one of the thirteen colour choices! All you need to do is charge it up and you can put it indoors as a feature or outdoors in your garden. It’s a great feature for parties as it adds vibrancy to any space and is a great design piece to inspire you every day in your home.


  • Perfect for your home or garden
  • Comes with a remote control
  • 13 different colour settings
  • Cycle between the colours: flash, smooth, fade and strobe settings
  • Cost about $50. Comes with a charger.

2. Ice Bucket Table
Outdoor ice bucket table
3-in-1 Drinks Table-come-Cooler – cleverly contains an ice bucket

This attractive table is perfect for coffee and snacks. Then, when you pull up the top to reveal the steel ice bucket, you can enjoy cool and refreshing wine, beer and soft drinks without constant trips to the fridge. 44 cm in diameter, it adjusts between 56 cm and 95 cm in height. The plastic rattan-effect finish wipes clean and the bucket is easy to empty – just remove the plug for the melted ice to flow away.
Costs about $150

3. Firebox BBQ Pizza Oven
Firebox pizza oven
The high-grade stainless steel design ensures a quick heat up time, even heat distribution and maximum heat retention when cooking. Clean up is hassle-free with an easy wipe down. Equipped with carrying handles, the Firebox is easy to set up on the BBQ and convenient to store once you’re done.

Compatible with any gas or charcoal BBQs, use the portable Firebox Pizza Oven in the comfort of your own backyard or bring it along on picnics with the family.

The Firebox pizza over costs around $100.


4. Classic Motion Lava Lamp
motion lava lamp
It’s time to bring back the 60s with this classic pink and silver Peace Motion Lava Lamp. Watch the random pink blobs float around in the light pink liquid, changing shape and morphing into weird globules. Popular years ago, these retro lamps are making a massive come back.

Perfect for adding some extra-terrestrial space vibes to your bedroom. Normal lamps are just boring, get lavalicious with this Peace Motion Lava Lamp!


  • Old school lava lamp with brightly coloured blobs of magma!
  • Classic 90’s look and feel – Perfect for quirky bedrooms
  • Costs around $30

5. Wine Bottle Holder
Wine bottle holder
This item is so simple in design and practical. Great talking piece around the dinner table. Or when, you are sitting with friends in the living room. You can use your own imagination and design your own.

Prices for this item can vary from $8 to $60.

Revamp Your Garage Space

3 Ideas on How to Transform your Garage

The garage is generally one of the biggest rooms in most average-sized homes. You may notice that the majority of residents use the outdoor driving space to park their car. Inside the garage usually has an assortment of odds and ends. This can be stuff people cannot let go of. Or, sporting equipment, gardening tools, and other paraphernalia.

Most garages are cluttered and have no real organisation. Here are some ideas on how to take advantage of this large space.

Schedule a family meeting
Gather all your family members around the kitchen table. Have each member pitch their idea on how this space can be used. Make a record of the pros and cons and the estimated cost to transform your garage. Be practical and try and make this space an environment you can all share. Or, you may decide this is a space just for the kids. Alternatively, you may want a workshop, small office or games area.

3 Garage Revamp Suggestions

1. Games Room for the Kids

If you have children and have an average size home then space becomes a premium. Children like to create and have a certain amount of independence. It is not always possible to play outside because of the weather or the time of day. Why not revamp your garage into a games room. A ping pong table is a cheap game that can be used by 2 to 4 people. Add a dart board, a pinball machine, and even a soccer table. Then throw in a couple of old couches, a small fridge, and a rug. Your games room is almost complete. In addition, you can add a television that can be used for video games.
Cost? Go onto Gumtree. You will be surprised how cheap some of these items are. There were 259 couches being given away for free in Melbourne alone. Also, you can find ping-pong tables for free.

2. Home Office

Do you bring your work home with you? Or, are you a self-employed tradesman?
The garage is an ideal area to set up a small office. What you will need to run a typical small office.

  • A work desk and chair
  • Computer or use your portable laptop
  • Internet access via wi-fi or cabled into your garage
  • Electrical power boards
  • Small fridge and kettle
  • Heating and or cooling appliances
  • Storage space such as 3 drawer filing cabinet
  • Proper lighting including a desk lamp
  • Floor rug, plants, and some pictures

3. Entertainment Area

The bigger the house gets the more it costs. Included in a lot of house designs are separate entertainment rooms. These are set up as movie theatre rooms. You can convert your own garage into a full-blown entertainment zone. Obviously, you will be needing seating which can include couches and single seaters. A projector or large TV with a good sound system. This can also be used for your own karaoke system. A small fridge and kettle. Some floor fittings, pictures, and some plants.

How to Decorate your Kids Bedroom

Decorating kids bedroom

Choosing the right colours and patterns for your child’s bedroom

Colours make a difference. Colours can affect our mood, none more so than that of a child. Picking the right colours can be an exciting project for you and your child. You don’t have to go with the one colour. Each wall can have its own colour variation. The ceiling can also be used to hang mobiles from.

The list below is taken from a study that indicates how colours affect a child’s mood.

Yellow: Already used as a gender-neutral colour, yellow is common in kids rooms and for good reasons. Softer shades of yellow are associated with warmth and happiness. Just be careful if you’re using bright shades, they can be overpowering and create agitation.

Orange: Is the colour of confidence, independence and extroversion, and because it’s a warm colour it also can be very relaxing. It’s a great option that will encourage your kids to become social.

Purple: If you want your kids growing up wise and creative, then purple is the selection for you. In the past, purple was a colour linked with royalty so it can also be a good colour to promote confidence.

Green: A natural Green, not surprisingly, is associated with the environment and therefore soothing for kids. Scientists also believe that this colour improves reading and comprehension skills. Just be careful with the shade you pick – some shades (like an avocado green) can be overwhelming if you use too much of it.

Add patterns to your child’s bedroom walls

Decorating kids bedroom
Now that you have selected your colours why not add some patterns. These patterns can be in the form of stick-on or an actual cut out that is fixed to the wall. See the sample image to get some ideas. As the child grows these patterns can be changed to reflect their maturity. Patterns can bring the bedroom to life. They can make the child feel a sense of happiness and security when they are in their room.

Hang mobiles from the ceiling

Depending on your child’s gender you can choose from a number of mobiles to hang from the ceiling. These mobiles can be interchangeable as the child grows. Mobiles let the child interact with their surroundings.

Decorating a child’s bedroom can provide a space where they feel comfortable. Sometimes you may need a break. By providing a bedroom that is warm and fun can help your child’s development grow. Also, your kid’s friends can come and enjoy the space which is great for social behaviour.

6 Best Indoor House Plants

Decorate your interior with indoor plants

Utilise mother nature to purify the air and bring your living spaces alive. There are a variety of indoor plants that can require a little bit of care to add life to your home. We list our top 6 indoor plants that can add vitality to your interior.

1. Indoor Potted Rubber Plant
Potted indoor rubber plant
These leafy plants are deep-green or almost purple in colour. These plants work as both indoor and outdoor plants. As an indoor plant, they grow depending on the size of the pot. If you prefer to keep your plant smaller, just keep your pot smaller. Some varieties of this plant can look quite similar to the fiddle-leaf fig, but these are much hardier – so this is a good option if you like the fig plant look without the fuss! These plants are great for supporting clean and comfortable air quality in the home.

Care: Keep in a bright spot away from indirect sunlight. Water well once the top layers of the soil feel dry to the touch – maybe once a week in summer or twice a month in winter.

Hard to kill?: As long as you don’t let this plant stand in a wet drip tray, it’s pretty darn hardy.

2. Indoor Dwarf Orange Trees
Indoor dwarf orange fruit trees
Orange Trees are relatively easy to grow indoors. If you choose a standard non-dwarf variety or grow one from seed – it could be years before you see any fruit. Specific dwarf varieties, such as Mandarin [not a true orange], calamondin and trovita, do well when grown inside as long as you maintain the basic temperature, soil, and light conditions.
The keys to successfully grow oranges indoors are basically the same as with all citrus, good light, adequate temperature and humidity, well-drained potting soil, proper nutrients, and consistent moisture. Without any single one of those failure looms.
Orange trees are generally container-grown and purchased online or from a local nursery. They can also be propagated at home from cuttings, and seed.

If you decide to grow orange Trees from seeds, allow the seeds to dry out for up to two weeks. Once dried, plant the seeds about an inch deep in good potting soil and cover with plastic wrap. Once the seed has germinated it should be placed in a sunny location.

Any container used for orange trees and any indoor fruit trees should provide ample drainage and room for growth. Any citrus started from seed will have a very long maturation period and a non dwarf tree will need to obtain substantial height before fruiting.

3. Indoor Bamboo Plam
Indoor bamboo palm
If you want to add a little Palm Springs flair to your living space, then a bamboo palm is the way to go. These plants can be large with long stems, perfect for resting on the floor, or you can get smaller table-top varieties that make great desk plants. In fact, given how well these filter the surrounding air, they are fantastic desk-top plants to bring into a shared office environment. The leaves have a voluminous almost fluffy quality and appear green and lively even in tough environments – they have an exceptional tolerance for low light.

Care: Don’t keep in direct sun. Water 1 – 3 times a week, whatever is needed to keep the soil moist.

Hard to kill?: These plants can tolerate almost anything except the roots standing in water. Make sure to empty the drip tray after watering.

4. Indoor Monstera Deliciosa
indoor Monstera Deliciosa
Monstera Deliciosa, Swiss Cheese, Split Leaf Philodendron, Mexican Breadfruit or Fruit Salad plant… whatever you call it, there’s no denying the popularity of this suburban favourite.

While some houseplants are content to grow in a small pot, Monsteras need room to move, so think big when deciding on a pot and where to position it in your home as they can be hard to move once established (unless you hire a helper on Airtasker, of course!).

Hailing from the tropics, Monsteras love humidity, so will flourish.

5. Mother In Law’s Tongue
Mother in laws Tongue indoor plant
A popular decor choice in trendy cafes across the country, the eye-catching Mother In Law’s Tongue is a distant relative of asparagus (which explains the tall, shoot-like leaves) but please, try to resist the urge to serve it up with hollandaise on toast.

Tough in appearance and durability, this breed is harder to kill than a bad guy in a horror film so don’t worry too much about over or under watering.

Sold at most commercial garden centres, Mother In Law’s Tongue is so common and easy to grow that websites like Gumtree are packed with them, where they’re generally a lot cheaper than your neighbourhood nursery. Shop around to find the best plant at the best price and if you locate a particularly large one that won’t fit in your car (they can grow up to 3-4 feet tall!)

6. Indoor Spider Plants
Indoor spider plant
Spider Plants are tolerant of a wide range of conditions & are adaptable & durable. They’re 1 of the easiest care houseplants around. Here’s what you need to know to care for & grow these fun hanging plants. Those long stems, with babies and flowers at the ends, just spray out any which way they want to! These hanging plants, with fleshy rhizomatic roots, need a bit of room to show off their arching displays. Spider Plants are one of the most easy-care houseplants around, are tolerant of a wide range of conditions, adaptable and durable as can be.
Water: Low to average. Depending on how warm & bright your house is, this might be every 10-14 days. Water them when they’re almost dry & be sure to let the water drain all the way through the pot. If your water is high in salts, consider using distilled water.

When I was a plant maintenance technician, I preferred to take hanging plants to a sink when the watering time came around. This took the guesswork out of when the water would come spilling out.

Pathway to Property Landscaping

Idea’s to dress your home’s forgotten side and increase your home’s property value.

The sideway or pathway of most suburban homes is generally a narrow concrete path or a path covered in Lilydale toppings. Most homeowners neglect this area of their property and let their house pet utilise the space. However, with a little bit of planning and effort, you can transform this space into a feature of your property. If you choose to create your new space then we suggest you engage the whole family to input their ideas. Then, as a collective, you can make this a family project. And, at the same time raise the price of your property.

Simple Side Path Transformation

Before side path landscaping
Here is an example of how to simply transform a side path leading to a back gate. The fence and gate look a little tired. And the crushed rock path collects leaves, weeds and little amounts of rubbish and making it look untidy.

With just 3 alterations the side path is reborn. Note the gate frame remains. The corner edge was cut back. This allowed the brick paving to bend inward giving the effect of more space. In this space, some pot plants were added.

3 Vertical Wall Planter Ideas

As long as you’ve got a blank wall or a bare fence, you can tend edibles, annuals, even perennials with these vertical gardening ideas.

Minimalist Vertical Garden
If you prefer a clean, minimalist aesthetic, stacked cedar boxes attached to the side of your home make for a striking vertical garden.
Vertical wall planters Melbourne

Hanging Buckets
This indoor vertical garden is constructed using only four basic materials: a cabinet door, hooks, a saw tooth hanger, and pretty tin buckets.Hanging buckets vertical wall planters Melbourne

Leaning Bookshelf
Constructed cedar troughs are mounted to wooden sides and then stained in this crafty vertical garden project.Wall wall herb garden Melbourne

Liveability: A new L-word in real estate


“Location, location, location” has long been a catch-cry in real estate. And while location is undeniably important, it’s far from being the only factor that buyers look for in a property, writes OBrien Chelsea’s Claude Makdesi.

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