Timeless Interiors for Increasing the Value of Your Home

Renovation is a great way to upgrade an old or worn out home and turn it into a valuable asset. Whether it’s your first investment property, or a home you’re wishing to move out of, certain renovations can do wonders to your property’s value, and can even get you making more than you invested.

For those looking to give their property a new look, here are 7 tips for creating a timeless interior that potential buyers will love.


Flooring trends come and go, so it’s important to know what floors are always a guarantee. Carpet flooring is no longer a top choice as it is easy to stain and difficult to layer and change. Timber floor creates an elegant, textured floor, and it leaves the opportunity for the new home-owners to add their own fun rugs.


Resist the urge to choose bold, bright colours or Pantone’s colour of the year. Many older properties have feature walls and bright coloured interiors that simply don’t resonate with trendy investors anymore. Always stick to simple walls, beige or white tones that can easily be painted over or decorated.

Bathroom updates

Even a small renovation on the bathroom can have a major impact on the value of your property. Even if you have a small space, you can give your bathroom an upgrade by switching to marble tiles, adding long mirrors or switching to chrome hardware.

Building’s provenance

Instead of trying to update a classic home from the 50s, take advantage of the classic features and work around them. Layering trend over trend won’t help at all with trying to keep a timeless look, so stick with what the house sports. This doesn’t mean you have to restore it to its original state; it means taking into consideration its own unique features, and pairing it with clean and simple lines.

Integrated appliances

Getting your appliances integrated into the property, particularly the kitchen can help create a streamline, smooth look. This streamline appearance will help with the property looking spacious and open.


Lighting can affect the warmth or coolness of your home, so choosing your lighting wisely is important. Consider switching old bulbs with a stylish, bright lighting feature that opens up the home. Big, bold windows are also great for beautiful natural lighting.

Open plan

Most home-owners look for open-plan living, as it helps with that spacious look and seamless design. Knocking down walls or designing a combined living room and kitchen can help create a welcoming property.