We are taking part in the fight against MND.

Join us in supporting Victoria’s Great MND Relay.

On the 23rd – 25th of June our very own Stavros Ambatzidis will be taking part in the fight against MND by supporting Victoria’s Great MND Relay to raise much-needed funds to support those living with this disease. As well as taking part in this event, Stavros will also be one of the keynote speakers for MND Victoria.

MND or motor neuron disease, is a progressive, degenerative disease that attacks the nerves that support movement, speech, swallowing and breathing. As this disease affects motor nerves the body experiences continued weakness as the muscles die off. This eventually leads to paralysis. Unfortunately, there is no current cure for MND and treatment that is provided will not alter the course of this disease, merely assisting with pain and discomfort.

On average, every day, 2 Australians are diagnosed with MND. With that, every day, 2 Australians will also Die from this disease. In Victoria alone there are currently 470 people living with this illness. Fortunately for those diagnosed, MND Victoria have designed a focus, care and support programs to improve lives of thousands of Victorian families impacted by the disease.

MND Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation providing direct care to all Victorians and their families living with the devastating disease.

For the month of June MND Victoria will be holding their Great MND Relay. This event will consist of a 41-hour walking relay where each hour of walking will represent each of the years that MND Victoria have been providing care and support to those impacted with motor neurone disease. Those participants involved in the relay are encouraged to gather a team and pledge a time to walk, working together to ensure there is always someone walking on the track to achieve aa 41-hour continuous relay.

As of the 17th of June 2022, MND Victoria have raised over $149,660 to help support those in need. With being a little over half way through the month the organisations’ goal is to reach $470,000.

This Event will take place on Thursday the 23rd of June – Saturday the 25th of June at Harold Stevens Athletics Track – 20 Outlook Road, Coburg North VIC 3058. We would like to encourage our extended network to come and support us in the relay by joining us at the athletics track to watch our team.

If you would like to support this cause you can visit Stavros’ fundraising page here or register yourself or a team to join in the fight. Click here to register yourself.

We thank you in advance for your support and wish those involved in the relay the best of luck.