What Is The Right Carpet For Your Home

How to select the right carpet for your house

Interior design is always a tough decision when selecting furniture and fittings for your home. Everyone has a different taste, therefore, everyone will have a different perspective on what is appealing. Then you have to have an imagination on how all these furnishings will look once you have finished decorating. Carpet is no different.
What type of carpet for a house
The first thing you need to do is determine which quality of carpet you want. Typically there are 2 types of carpet. Wool and SDN which is solution dyed nylon. What is the difference between these 2 types of carpet?

WOOL versus SDN
Both of these carpets feel good under your feet. Both are long-wearing and have stain retardant qualities. The one advantage SDN carpet has is its ability to hold its colour over a longer period of time when exposed to sunlight. However, wool is what they scientifically call hypoallergenic. This means it is resistant to fire and call also regulate moisture. Therefore creating a warm, dry and healthy environment.

There are carpet showrooms that stage different rooms of a house that can give you a good idea of what styles and colours will suit your home. Or, you can visit mega stores like IKEA and see how they have staged their showrooms.
Once you choose the carpet make you want then by default you will eliminate half of the carpets when you go to a showroom.

When choosing a carpet you need to imagine the following.

    • Will the carpet texture and colour match the colour of your walls.
    • Will the carpet blend in with the furnishings.
    • What type of traffic is going to be walking on the carpet

When you are picking out your carpet see how it looks under natural and artificial lighting. Darker colours will give the appearance of the room appearing smaller. Lighter colours will make the room feel more spacious.

Finally, you have to be flexible when making a joint decision. Remember everyone sees things differently. Neither is right or wrong. This is why it helps to visit showrooms.

If you want to see some samples of carpet then there are a number of carpet sellers that will send to you samples.
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