OBrien real estate agents head office Chadstone

Corporate - Real Estate Agent

Suite 2, Waterman Business Centre, Level 2 UL40, 1 Chadstone VIC

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Karolina Cybulski service was exceptional, thank you so much for you help
Taira Malby
Taira Malby
08:55 22 Jul 21
Working at OBrien Real Estate we are always striving to be our best to make everyone's experience a memorable one.
Kathryn Lowe
Kathryn Lowe
08:05 14 Jul 21
Renee Randall
Renee Randall
02:34 14 Mar 20
The Pizzeria On Norman
The Pizzeria On Norman
02:51 03 Mar 20
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Our values and purpose.

Our purpose is to create a place where we can facilitate our peoples’ growth. Our values are:

Our colleagues are our broader family, assist when needed and when in need.

Respect our colleagues and our clients as you would like to be respected.

Unlock your full potential, encourage and support your colleagues.

Strive for excellence; be open-minded and willing to embrace change.

Work towards being well balanced within yourself.

The OBrien difference.

34 offices with 1 in Cairns in Qld.

213 in sales & 68 in property management.

20,119 sales since founded in 2010.

Our Average Clearance Rate in 2021 is 92%.

Homes is $912,500 and Units is $610,500.

Industry leading results, with an average of 24 days.

Industry benchmark results with 1.8% vacancy.

We manage and serve over 12,012 properties.

Across our network we speak 35 different Languages.

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