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6 Easy Ways To Add Instant Value To Your Home Part 2

Part 2 – Update your kitchen

It goes without saying that the kitchen is the hub and heart of the home. There is plenty of truth to the saying that a great kitchen will sell a home, so updating it will undoubtedly add the most value to your property. But what if you don’t have the time nor budget for a complete kitchen overhaul? Luckily you breathe new life into this space without sacrificing your sanity or your bank account. Here are some ideas and options:

Vinyl flooring: For an easy update, you can consider budget flooring materials such as vinyl. It is stain and scratch-resistant, and also has a cushiony feeling underfoot. Because of this, it is widely touted as being a safer option for families with young children. Even though vinyl can be bought and installed on a budget, it doesn’t need to look cheap. Thankfully technology has gifted us with vinyl sheets and tiles that look convincingly like more expensive materials such as wood and stone – and at the fraction of the price.

Update tired benchtops: If your benchtops look a little worse for wear, an easy and budget-friendly option is laminate. It is still one of the most popular materials across the country due to its wide range of colours, patterns and finishes that mimic more ‘luxury’ materials.

Paint wooden cabinetry: If your cabinetry needs an update it might be a candidate for painting. If you’re not sure whether your cabinetry is okay to paint, you can remove one of the doors and take it down to your local hardware store or paint shop and consult someone who has more expertise.

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