How Much Is My Home Worth In Ringwood?

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The median price for a house in Ringwood is $ $999,500 as of June 10, 2024. A median-priced unit is. $620,000. There have been 152 houses and 220 units sold in the last year. The annual compound growth for houses in Ringwood is 1.1% and for units, it is 2.1%.

Selling a house in Ringwood takes 29 days and selling a unit takes 35 days. As an investment the annual rental yield for a house is 3.0% and for a unit, it is 4.1%.

House prices and rent returns in Ringwood.

  • 2 bedroom home $769,000 per week $500
  • 3 bedroom home $959,500 Rent per week $570
  • 4 bedroom home $1,095,000 Rent per week $650

Unit prices and rent returns in Ringwood.

  • 1 bedroom unit $408,000 Rent per week $410
  • 2 bedroom unit $575,000 Rent per week $460
  • 3 bedroom unit $780,000 Rent per week $600

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Lifestyle in Ringwood
Ringwood is located just 23 kilometres east of the Melbourne CBD covering a land size of approximately 10.2 kilometres. This area is covered by 22 parks which account for 7.5% of the total area of Ringwood. This is a very vibrant suburb during the day and early evenings with Eastland Shopping Centre providing retail and entertainment for all ages. A population of around 16,008 was calculated in 2011 however as of 2016 we saw a 9% growth in the population taking Ringwood to a total of 17,450.

Looking further into what the average household consists of in Ringwood we find that predominately couples with children occupy these spaces. With this, most people living in Ringwood fall into the age bracket of 30-39 years and are commonly in a professional occupation making mortgage repayments on average between $1800 -$2399 per month.

Schools in Ringwood
There are 5 schools local to Ringwood

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