Minimum standard requirements for rental properties.

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We have witnessed property investors fall into common traps when purchasing investment properties.

As you may be aware, the Victorian tenancy legislation now requires all properties to meet the minimum standards as stated on the Consumer Affairs website.  The standards include:

  • Securable and/or lockable windows
  • Window furnishings on all living areas and bedrooms
  • Homes to be structurally sound, weather-proof and mould-free
  • Deadlatches/deadlocks on all external doors
  • Keys provided for all lockable doors
  • Vermin proof rubbish bins (generally this would be provided by your local council)
  • Adequate ventilation in bathrooms and toilets

When assessing a property’s suitability as an investment, it is important to have good knowledge of these requirements to avoid unnecessary extra costs to prepare the property after settlement.

For further information please visit the Consumer Affairs website

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