Master bedroom designing

Creating The Perfect Master Bedroom

Design Ideas For Your Master Bedroom

The bedroom is your sanctuary, it is where you go to rest and sleep at the end of the day. Sleeping helps rid the body of toxins and rejuvenates you for the coming day. How your bedroom is presented and designed can contribute greatly to how you sleep. The following are some suggestions you might want to incorporate into your home or think about if you are building a new home.

As they say in real estate Location, Location, Location

Where you position your main bedroom will contribute heavily on your privacy. Being next to the children’s bedroom may not be the ideal location. However, you may have young children and you may rest easier knowing they are near to you.

The Bed

Quite possibly the most important piece of furniture in your whole house. The bed is where you will spend approximately one-third of your life so choose carefully when you make this purchase. The bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom. When choosing linen for your bed go for colours and textures that compliment your personality and fit in with other furnishings in your bedroom.

Window Coverings

You have multiple options when considering your window coverings. You can go for curtains, blinds or shutters that come in a number of colours and designs. Bear in mind having shutters can lead to more effort when cleaning your bedroom. You may choose heavy blinds to block out light if your bedroom takes in the morning sun. Or you may prefer filtered light which means you can opt-in for a lighter blind.


Most master bedrooms will have an ensuite and walk-in or built-in robes. If you have built-in robes then the colours are not as important as the function. Adding a bit of depth to the robes will add more space and not give off the feeling of clutter.

But if your robes are walk-in then you will need to consider the hanging space, colours and flooring.  Having more space will alleviate the feeling of claustrophobia. The cabinetry of your walk-in robes will give you storage space and contribute to the wow factor.


Carpet, tiles, hardwood, vinyl, cork, laminate – these are some of the options you have when choosing to floor for your master bedroom. Each has there own positives and negatives. For example, carpet can absorb noise and retain warmth. When you are barefoot in the bedroom carpet can feel luxurious underfoot and help you relax. Also if you wake on a cold morning there is nothing better than stepping onto carpet. On the opposite side, carpet needs cleaning often as it can trap in allergens.

Hardwood floors can look great especially if you add a beautiful rug. Hardwood is much more resilient than tiles or vinyl. Hardwood floors are much easier to clean and you can easily eliminate allergens by sweeping.


Lighting can make all the difference to the ambience and mood of any room. There is a simple rule 2 step when choosing your lighting. The first is ambient lighting. This is the lighting that best suits your taste and helps you to relax. The second is task-related lighting. This type of lighting is usually in the ceiling of your room. It is useful when you clean or doing other related tasks. Naturally, soft, warm lighting helps you to relax.  The design of your bedside lighting will also contribute heavily to the look of your bedroom. Light bulbs come in multiple shapes and shades and are a perfect way of creating ambience.


If you start with the bed as your centrepiece then adding other furniture will create the stage for your bedroom. Sometimes it can be better to add furniture that is not is completely different from the style of your bed. Choose furniture that blends into the room. Not too big and not too small. Additional furniture will add to the flow of your room. When done correctly it is almost unnoticeable and creates a beautiful setting.

Bedroom Art

Having the right piece of artwork hanging from the wall can make all the difference. Art is subjective in that we all have different tastes. Neither is right or wrong when it comes to the opinion of art. So, when choosing art select something that you like! And the beauty of wall hanging art is you can change it or add to it anytime you want.


Powerpoints! In this electric device-driven age power is important. A powerpoint may not add style to your room but it will help you power up your mobile devices and other gadgets.  Having items such as air conditioning and heating, TV remote and lighting at your fingertips helps you relax. If your home is a “smart home” then it is quite possible you can control multiple devices and appliances from one APP from your bed. Imagine being able to switch on your kettle from your bed when you wake up. So it will help to have multiple power outlets on either side of your bed.

Doing a little research to get ideas for your master bedroom is not that difficult. Then are many showrooms or building centres like IKEA that have fitted bedrooms. My favourite is to visit actual display homes on new estates. These display homes offer a wide variety of styles that may suit you or you can take a bit of inspiration from each home and create your own style.