DIY Merbau decking

DIY Decking

How Much Does It Cost To Build Your Own Decking?

If you get a quote from a builder the costs will be double to triple what your costs will be so doing it yourself can be an attractive project. With the money saved you could afford to buy better timber and better materials used to build the decking. The following examples are an estimate of the costs for varying deck sizes. Let’s assume your deck is either square or rectangle in size.

  • 3 metre x 3 metre Raised Deck: Obviously the smaller the decking the cheaper it is. You don’t need as much timber decking, joists, bearers and posts. Do it yourself, you can build a raised deck attached to your home out of treated lumber for about $4000 in materials. Changing the decking material to Merbau would raise the cost.
  • 4 metre x 5 metre Raised Deck: You could build a 4mx5m treated-lumber raised deck with stairs, for about $4,800 in materials.
  • 5 metre x 5 metre Raised Deck: You can buy the materials for a 5mx5m deck using composite decking materials for about $5,500 and build it yourself.
  • To build a 3 metre by 3 metre decking you will need 105 linear metres of timber and 19 5.7 metre FJ boards. To tie it all together will take about 480 screws.
DIY Decking

Make A DIY Decking Plan
The very first thing you should do and consider do you need council approval, are you going to be over underground pipes and cables and of course designing the layout. These are some of the hurdles you will need to jump before you do anything. In this series of steps, we will link videos from Bunnings to help you through each stage.

Step 1 – Making a Plan Watch Video on planning your decking

Step 2 – Measure and set out your deck
Once you have ticked all the boxes with the council you can commence setting out your decking. This step is very important because if your measurements are out you can ruin the entire project. Watch the video and learn how to measure length and height so that your deck is square. Watch video how to set out a deck

Step 3 – Install the stumps and bearers for your decking
The building phase begins as we show you how to build a strong foundation for your new deck, starting with the stumps and bearers. Watch video on installing stumps and bearers

Step 4 – Installing the decking joists
Once you have all your stumps and bearers laid out and squared up you can add on the joists. The joists are beams that add support to the boards you lay on the top of your decking. Watch video Installing the decking joists

Step 5 – Lay the decking
We are at step 5 which means your frame is solid and complete. Now you can add the finishing touches by laying down all your boards. Watch video on how to lay decking

Building your own decking can be a very satisfying project that is inexpensive and adds a great outdoor living space. The costs can fluctuate with the types of materials you use. Think of the savings you make if you don’t engage a professional builder and put that money back into high-quality timber and furnishings for your decking.