Garage Storage Solutions

Garage storage space storage solutions
There are basically 3 solutions to creating storage space in your garage. But first, you have to eliminate all the unwanted clutter. Once you have cleared out everything you don’t need you can decide which method suits you best and is within your budget.

Hooks and Shelves

Storage solutions garageSo if you like to keep your items visible and away from the floor hooks and shelves is a good option. There are different ways to hang your tools. The common method is by attaching a hook system to the wall. These can be made from plastic, metal or wood. The bigger hardware stores such as Bunnings usually stock all three hook systems.
These are a good solution for organising items. A pegboard has a series of holes that are equally spaced. You can insert hooks and practically hang anything you want. Pegboards are generally available in plastic or masonite. You can buy pegboard kits that come with wall mountings and a series of hooks.

Using Baskets and Bins
So you don’t want to search for your items but you want them visible, secure and in a container. There is a range of mesh and wire baskets available that can be attached to a wall. Also, you can purchase plastic bins as a tougher option.

Garage space saving pegboardCabinets
If you are inclined to want everything orderly and packed away neatly then cabinets would be for you. There is a multitude of cabinets available on the market. You can get upright metal cabinets with doors or cabinets that have drawers. These items can also have wheels attached to the base so you can move them around effortlessly. The cabinets can also be made from mesh so you can see the contents.

It is really up to your imagination on how you use this garage space as a storage facility. Make a plan and a visualise what you want to achieve. The garage is a space that can be used more effectively and efficiently. And it can add value to your home if organised properly.


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