OBrien Clark donates to the Cancer Council Victoria.

In August the team at OBrien Real Estate Clark donated $500 to the Cancer Council Victoria in accordance with Daffodil Day on August 31st.

The Warragul and Drouin based agency donate to a local organisation every month as part of their ‘Creating Opportunities’ program that is designed to provide support and exposure to organisations that are helping those who need it most in the local community.

About Cancer Council Daffodil Day:

The Daffodil Day Appeal is Cancer Council’s most iconic and much-loved fundraising campaign. It is a day for Australians to give hope to those affected by all cancers by donating to support a cancer free future. One in two Australians are diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. This is a cause that affects us all.

Since its establishment in 1936, Cancer Council Victoria has been at the forefront of the fight against cancer. Renowned for its innovative work in cancer research, prevention, and support, this independent not-for-profit organization has earned international recognition. Cancer Council Victoria is dedicated to reducing the impact of all cancers on individuals, playing a pivotal role in the battle against this formidable foe.

How can you help?

Local fund raiser: Local florists Ruth and Sally at Pepper Berry Flora are holding their annual Daffodil Day fund raiser, where they sell bunches of daffodils with proceeds going to the Cancer Council. They are located inside Violet and Ivvy (137 Queen St, Warragul) so be sure to stop by.

Online donations: You can donate to the Cancer Council online https://www.daffodilday.com.au/donate