Pet freindly home design style

Pet-Friendly Home Style Tips

Design Your Home To Include The Family Pet

A great number of homeowners have a pet as a family member. Pets are a great addition to any family especially if you have young children. Pets teach the young ones how to be responsible and caring. Studies show that pets help build a child’s immune system and are great for fending off the flu and colds.

So, if you are building a new home or renovating then consider some styles that will incorporate the “5th” member of your family. Here we offer some tips on how to improve the layout of your home with some decorations and furniture.

Use pet-friendly room items to decorate your house – If you have indoor dogs, there’s a strong probability that every breakable knick-knack you have will be damaged at some time. Filling your house with pet-friendly room decorations that won’t be harmed if knocked over or cause injury to your pet is a wonderful approach to attempt to avoid this. This implies that anything made of glass, as well as pricey rugs, should be avoided.

Purchase some ‘furniture for petsPaint on the walls and knickknacks on the shelves aren’t the only ways to personalise your house. It’s critical to have the proper furnishings for your lifestyle and the type of family you live with. Pet owners may wish to consider purchasing pet-friendly decorations, such as a cat tree or a charming dog bed, that not only serve their purpose but also complement the rest of the home’s decor.

Purchase a high-quality couch – When you decide to acquire a pet, one of the first things you may have to give up is your desire for a luxurious sofa. Whether you like it or not, your pet will jump on the sofa, therefore it must be able to endure scratches and be easy to clean. Genuine leather couches are the best to look at since they can withstand the small mishaps that your pet may cause.

Place in a pet-friendly area – When our family and visitors visit your house, you want them to feel at ease. It should be the same for your dogs. Setting up a separate entrance for them is a wonderful approach to make it easier for them to access and depart your property. You may be as creative as you like with the design or even add a little doormat just for them.

Make a little toilet for your pet – Pets like getting dirty while playing, so having a dedicated area for them to clean up might be a fantastic addition to your house. Rather than bringing all of their belongings into your lovely, clean bathroom and attempting to clean them in your bathtub, locate a spot in your laundry and construct a bathtub in their size with stairs for them to get up and down on their own. You may store all of their towels, soap, and shampoo in there until you need them.

Make specific spaces for your pets to hang out in – You don’t have to devote your entire home to your pet, but it would be good for them to have their own small spot. Whether you can set aside a tiny spot in a corner of a large room or dedicate a whole room to them, your pet will have their own space to call home within your house. Additionally, here may be where you keep all of their toys, snacks, and care items so that they are conveniently accessible when required.

Check to see if you have enough fence and outside area – Even if your pet does not reside outside, having an appropriate fence and a pet-friendly outside space is critical. They should spend some time outside to ensure that they are not in danger and that they have enough room to run about and play. This will assist to keep them safe and happy.

Make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep.
Your pet needs their own small area to sleep in, even if they want to sit on your bed with you. This begins with a comfy bed in a convenient location that is exactly the perfect size for them and is easily accessible throughout the day. If it’s a bit chilly or cold where you live, you may want to include some extra blankets and pillows to keep them warm as they drift off to dreamland.